Lounge Life

As we spend more time at home, we've come to pay attention to how we dress for the great indoors. From functional activewear to lightweight undergarments, here's a quick and easy guide on how to elevate your loungewear game

Words by Timothy Diao

Like most of the population, we've spent the better part of the past year cooped up at home. Though it took some time, we've learned to adjust our lifestyles to suit the demands of this new normal. A corner of our bedrooms now bears a semblance of a home office. The usual coffee runs are now 15-minute DIY tutorials from Youtube. And we've traded our gym memberships for the hottest Zoom workouts offered online.

A lot has changed with how we spend our time at home, and it allowed us to re-think how we dress for the great indoors.

Wouldn't you agree that it's very tempting to start and finish the day in your PJs? We found ourselves logging on to work in our beat-up tees and favorite lounge pants more often than once, but we all deserve better than this.

Whether your calendar is jam-packed with back-to-back conference calls or you're anticipating an online yoga class after your 9-to-5 schedule, we've come up with a quick and easy guide on how you can elevate your loungewear game—regardless of lifestyle.

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Classic Lux

Building a morning routine—including washing your face, slathering on some moisturizer + SPF, and changing into fresh clothing—can drastically improve productivity. So we've observed.

Along with this new sunrise habit, we present a tweak to the classic loungewear aesthetic. Take your favorite sweats to a whole new level with 90s logomania. The classic sweatshirt gets a luxurious rebrand with larger-than-life designer logos.

Ensure fashion-forward comfort with these statement sweatshirts and the right accessories to match—think bijoux necklaces or gold chains layered to perfection.

Active Rest

To keep a sense of normalcy in our everyday life, we've taken on home workouts like we never did before. And like all fitness-based new year's resolutions of the past, starting a new workout routine means shopping for new activewear.

And though that fitness class may only be an hour-long, let's milk the cost-per-wear from your gear—think all-day athleisure styling, but an emphasis on the leisure part.

Pair your sports bra and leggings with a lightweight short-sleeved shirt or a cozy cardigan instead of a pocketable parka. Add a touch of finesse with dazzling jewelry, taking your look from functional to Zoom-worthy.

There are plenty of ways to dress up your favorite workout fit; the important thing to note is that you're comfortable and at ease.


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Light to the touch

When dressing for days at home, one can't discount the importance of lightweight clothing. From silk slips paired with a breathable cover-up to coordinated sets styled with dazzling jewelry, comfort should always come hand in hand with style.

One thing to note is the material. Think of fabrics that breathe: organic cotton, linen, or even silk. Your outfit's make is essential to how you feel in it. Another criterion to note would be the cut. To look and feel your best, try to steer clear from design with excessive fabric or silhouettes that would drown you.

The next time you shop for your work-from-home wardrobe, keep in mind that you will be spending the whole day in these looks, so best to have a balance of ease and fashion.

STep Indoors

Shoes will always hold a special place in our hearts, hence why we have our eyes out for the perfect steppers to wear at home. We're not talking about taking the sandals you wore to the groceries indoors.

From comfy slippers to low-heeled sandals, invest in a beautiful pair of shoes that's sparks joy even when you're just wearing them at home. Like the clothing mentioned above, a great rule to keep in mind is that your footwear options should marry ease and style.

Though it might sound excessive, shoes still make an outfit—even if it's just you that sees it.


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