Equip Yourself with The Best Utensils to Make Homemade Pasta

If you feel like cooking Italian at home, you'll want to take a look at these to make your homemade pasta better

Energy source and rich in carbohydrates, pasta is that type of food that young and old like. It is very difficult to find someone who does not like in any of its many varieties. And if the pasta is homemade, even better because you will get a purer and more delicate flavor and a different texture than industrial pasta.

In addition, it is economical. And it is that only with flour and eggs you can make a great variety of fresh pasta. And original: you can make pasta with different colors and flavors by adding spinach, saffron, squid ink, spices to the dough ... Do not think it is difficult. What's more: it can be a fun activity to do, for example, with your children.

In Lacor, we put things very easy and all possible utensils at your disposal:


The most delicious, freshly made pasta is at your fingertips with any of the two pasta making machines of Lacor.

1. 200W Pasta Making Machine:

This machine is responsible for mixing and kneading the ingredients inside your bucket and changing the cutter disk you can obtain 7 different types of pasta: macaroni, thin or thick spaghetti, noodles, rigatoni, lasagna and gnocchi. What do you have to do?

  • Invest in the interior of the bucket water, eggs and flour without mixing (the approximate proportions for 1/2 Kg of pasta are 1/2 Kg of flour and 3 large eggs).
  • Close the top cover (for safety the machine will not work if it is not closed properly, and will stop if it opens).
  • Select the type of pasta you want to make and choose the appropriate profile disc.
  • Start the machine with the switches in MIX position until you see that it is well mixed (about 4-5 minutes).

2. Machine of elaboration of pasta Luxe:

This machine allows you to obtain 10 different types of pasta: linguine, fettucine, noodles, pappardelle, angel hair, thick and thin spaghetti, macaroni, rigatoni and gnocchi. Its operation is as easy as its little sister: make sure that the sliding slide located on the side of the machine is in the closed position; Select the type of pasta you want to make and choose the appropriate profile disc.


Available in two sizes (145mm and 260mm), this machine goes into action once you've made the dough from the dough.

  • You just have to insert one of the dough pieces into the machine and turn the handle; Repeat the operation several times, folding the dough and flouring if necessary, until the dough takes a regular form.
  • Then, change to position 2 and roll once. So you can continue to reduce the thickness until it is to your liking.
  • When the thickness of the sheet is desired, you can cut the pasta by rolling the dough little by little on the cutting roller.
  • Let the pasta dry for at least an hour, and you can cook it to your liking.


Are you thinking about some delicious spaghetti or noodles, freshly made with your hands and the help of the Lacor pasta rolling machine? Now you can also expand your repertoire with the ravioli accessory. How?

  • Install the ravioli accessory, so that it fits between the two rails provided by the pasta mill, at both ends and the rollers are facing up.
  • Always use dry paste that has been laminated through the rollers and with a minimum length of 40 cm long.
  • Join the two ends of the sheets and place some flour to prevent the paste from sticking in the ravioli accessory.
  • Insert the two glued ends into the ravioli accessory and turn the rollers until both are caught.
  • Place each sheet of pasta on one side and pour a small amount of the filling mixture between both sheets. Make sure the mixture is not wet or liquid.
  • Turn the rollers gently to generate the ravioli. Go adding the filling until the dough is finished and deposit the ravioli on a surface with a little flour, so that they dry.
  • Separate the ravioli using a knife and cook them in boiling water with a little salt, for 3-5 minutes.



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