Lacor is a leading Spanish kitchenware brand focused on innovative design and quality serving both gastronomes and connoisseurs for over 60 years.

lacor vegetable spinner
Vegetable Spinner
Regular price ₱7,650.00 Sale price ₱3,825.00
lacor kitchen syringe - 30ml
Kitchen Syringe - 30ml
lacor basic cruet set
Basic Cruet Set
lacor granite mortar and pestle
Granite Mortar and Pestle
lacor dual slice mandoline
Dual Slice Mandoline
Regular price ₱1,650.00 Sale price ₱825.00
lacor double way egg cutter
Double Way Egg Cutter
Lacor Spiral Vegetable Cutter
Spiral Vegetable Cutter
Lacor Extra 8 Whisk - 25cm
Extra 8 Whisk - 25cm
lacor textil bread basket
Textil Bread Basket
lacor 18/10 stainless steel lobster cracker
18/10 Stainless Steel Lobster Cracker
lacor batter dispenser (1l)
Batter Dispenser (1L)
lacor four-piece stainless steel spices rack
Four-Piece Stainless Steel Spices Rack
lacor electric spiralizer
Electric Spiralizer
lacor sous vide gourmet
Sous Vide Gourmet
lacor white sous vide gourmet
White Sous Vide Gourmet