A Continuing Tradition

Mina Cayton Peñano has been shopping at Rustan's since she was in her teens and she continues to shop with the store and enjoy the perks and services of her FSP membership

Like many Rustan's customers, Mina Cayton Peñano has created a deep bond with the store. More than just a shopping destination, it has become a part of her lifestyle. She often comes to her favored branch at 11:00 in the morning, not necessarily to shop but just to enjoy the store itself.

“I don’t shop everyday, but when I go to Rustan’s, it feels like therapy for me,” she shares. “I like it because everyone talks to you. Even the guards or the salespeople say, ‘Hi, Ma’am!’ I greet them all, too.”

It's In the family

Mina first encountered Rustan’s because of her mother. “We started going to the San Marcelino branch when I was in high school. My mother would take us there to shop,” she recalls of her earliest memories of the store. Her mother would buy fabrics while she and her brothers would look at the latest fineries that were in-store.

“When I was single and my mother was still alive we would go there and I always got Lacoste,” she recalls. “But when I got married, I started buying more things for my home like decor. The first thing I invested on was a dining set from Noritake.”

As the years went by, Mina continued to patronize Rustan’s as her mother did—not only for its carefully curated products but also because of its service.

“I bought a refrigerator at Rustan’s before and the service was so fast. The next day, it was already at my house,” Mina mentions. This, among other things, has kept her coming back to the store. She enjoys the ambience, the people, and the services it offers.

This love for Rustan's shows with the relationships that she has cultivated with people in the store. Just take Cora Alcantara, store operations manager and her longtime personal shopper who assists her at Rustan’s Gateway. When Mina was asked what her favorite things to shop at the store were, Ms. Cora quickly recalls her favorite picks: shoes, bags, and dresses—a lot from the Womens and Home departments.

GoldEN Treatment

One of the great perks that comes with shopping at Rustan’s is the Frequent Shoppers Program (FSP) membership. Through years of patronage, Mina has become one of Rustan's most loyal FSP members and she enjoys its rewards—from the biggest giveaways and deals to the sweet small gestures.

“They give you rewards, and I enjoy the points from the Gold [Premium] FSP Card,” Mina mentions. “And I also enjoy going to East Café” as part of her perks as a Premium member.

Mina has created life-long memories with Rustan’s and continues to add to them—whether it’s from shopping, dining, and even with just visiting the store, which has become her second home and a source of comfort.

Her story is a heartwarming testament to Rustan's dedication to serving only the finest.

Photographer: Oliver Tam and Frances Ulit
Creative Director: Teej Nepomuceno
Producer: Jannah Galvez, Christine Busano, and Patricia Advincula
Stylists: Jana Valdueza and Timothy Diao
Clothes by Criselda and Oleg Cassini
Makeup by Jane Iredale
Sittings Editors: Ailyn Anzures and Maggie Francisco
Shot on location at Rustan's Makati