Noritake is the leading manufacturer of Japanese tableware featuring superior artistry and craftsmanship, attention to detail, and uncompromising commitment to quality.

noritake chatelaine gold 20-piece starter set
Chatelaine Gold Collection
Starting at ₱74,500.00
noritake crochet 20-piece starter set
Crochet Collection
Starting at ₱29,500.00
noritake grand broche collection
Grand Broche Collection
Starting at ₱145,000.00
noritake raptures platinum 20-piece starter set
Raptures Platinum Collection
Starting at ₱39,500.00
Shikisai Rondo Cup and Saucer - Set of 6
Shikisai Rondo Cup and Saucer - Set of 6
noritake georgian palace 20-piece starter set
Georgian Palace Collection
Starting at ₱110,000.00
Noritake Moonlit Blossoms Dinnerware Set
Moonlit Blossoms Dinnerware Set
Starting at ₱24,500.00