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Unlimited Saucepan - 16cm

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The unmistakable sizzle of chicken tossed into the pan, the clatter of utensils, the quick slide of a spatula at just the right moment: Extreme cooking calls for cookware that can withstand extreme conditions. Tefal Unlimited Cookware Collection ensures extreme durability at uncompromising standards of quality. Featuring the all-new TITANIUM anti-scratch, non-stick coating that lasts six times longer, combining the convenience of a non-stick coating with extreme resistance to scratches that can withstand metal utensils. 

Tefal Unlimited was designed to meet any culinary challenge, never letting you down with a performance that makes all the difference. Take your cooking game to a whole new level with Tefal's best-ever, non-stick cookware. (Compared to Tefal Titanium Standard)


  • SCRATCH-RESISTANT NON-STICK COATING: Maximum resistance that lasts up to six times longer (among all Tefal’s coating, Titanium ANTI-SCRATCH is the most scratch-resistant – abrasion internal test)
  • HEAT INDICATOR: Thermo-Signal® marking turns full red when the pan reaches the ideal temperature, for perfect searing results made easy
  • SUPERIOR INDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: Fast and even cooking
  • OVEN SAFE: Up to 175°C  
  • 100% SAFE NON-STICK COATING: 0% PFOA, 0% lead, 0% cadmium
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Recyclable products with safe non-stick coating
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL HOBS:  Induction, gas, electric, ceramic, halogen
  • Available in different sizes — pots and pans


Diameter: 16cm

Tefal Unlimited Saucepan - 16cm
Unlimited Saucepan - 16cm Sale price₱4,479.20 Regular price₱5,599.00