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Color:3103356 117 Handsome Walnut


Neo-Flat finish enhances the form and texture of lips. Kanebo N-Rouge updates the alluring impression of the entire face.

In the following shades of rouge:

Neo Dimensional Colors
Vivid colors generate energy that aspires to the unknown, enabling you to encounter a new self.

  • 114 Sumire Vivid - Pop and energetic Sumire color with a well-balanced blend of reddish hue melting into your skin tone to create a new self
  • EX1 Spark Red - Vivid red bursting with passion like fireworks

Nexus Sun Red Colors
Inspired by the sun rising at dawn, the various hues of red symbolize the awakening of the power within.

With the colors ranging from a vibrant red to a gentle, warm, embracing red, the finish emanates the power of the light at dawn.

  • 151 Dreamy Red - Baby pink full of sweetness as if awakening from a sweet dream
  • 152 Smile Red - Warm beige red like spring sunshine gently shining down on you
  • 153 Kissing Red - Coral red greeting the morning as if the sun giving you a wake-up kiss
  • 154 Pleasure Red - Bright red of dazzling sunshine full of joy and happiness
  • 155 Glorious Red - Powerful red of sunlight celebrating sincere wishes and leading you to glory
  • 156 Carnival Red - Chili red suggesting the exciting atmosphere of a carnival
  • 157 Embracing Red - Reddish beige bringing peace of mind as if embraced by warm sunlight
  • 158 Adventure Red - Reddish-brown beige reminiscent of a feeling of excitement before leaving for an adventure
  • 159 Strong Red - Deep red shining a light on the allure and will deep within you
  • EX2 Sweet Tender Red - Pink beige giving blessing filled with tenderness


  • In vivid, satin to matte finishes
  • Full coverage
  • 3.3g
Kanebo N-Rouge 114
N-Rouge Sale price₱2,000.00