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Face Powder Case

Sale price₱720.00

SKU: 2745534
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The Kanebo Smooth Feathery Powder is a feather-light touch powder, leaving your skin bright and fine-textured. To use its full potential, this powder case keeps and stores your refills for more prolonged use.


  • Includes a powder puff


  • Please add Kanebo Smooth Feather Powder (sold separately).
  • Powders may splash out, so please place the paper under the case and transfer them to the bottom of the case.
  • Remove the puff, sheet, and inner lid from the case.
  • Gently transfer the powder from the refill container. Shaking or hitting the refill container may cause the powder of the contents to spill out, so please slowly tilt the container and transfer it silently.
  • When you finish transferring the powder, place the inner lid firmly in the case.
  • The included phase sheet can not be discarded. Please store it inside the case as a puff rest. Please use the transparent sheet with the knob upright
  • For a beautiful finish, please always keep the puff clean.
  • Please be aware that the powder may become difficult to attach if the puff is dirty.
  • If the puff gets dirty, gently press and wash with warm water with a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and use a towel to dry it in the shade.
Face Powder Case
Face Powder Case Sale price₱720.00