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H24 Herbes Vives, Eau de Parfum

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The Creation
With this third installment in the H24 line, Hermès perfumer Christine Nagel continues her botanical exercise in the footsteps of a modern man on the move. H24 Herbes Vives eau de parfum recreates the sensation of rediscovering urban nature after the rain.

Olfactory Notes
Hermès H24 Herbes Vives eau de parfum combines the power of a bouquet of fresh herbs, the texture of a pear granita, and the liveliness of a high-tech molecule, Physcool®.

The Object
The pure lines of the bottle designed by Philippe Mouquet are adorned with green lacquer to echo the notes of the fragrance. The box is in a deeper shade of gray-green, as if traces of plant life had spread through the asphalt of the city. A lime-green line both delineates and opens up the space.

The aerodynamic refillable bottle is made from 15% recycled glass. Its box is made from ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free) recycled paper pulp.

The Hermès Detail
H24 is the key to a new space. H for Hermès, Homme, and Hours. 24 to express a relationship with time and a link to the house’s iconic home of 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.


  • This fresh, botanical fragrance calls for an enveloping gesture, leaving a subtle and distinctive wake.
  • Collection: H24
  • Available in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml refill
  • Made in France 
H24 Herbes Vives, Eau de Parfum
H24 Herbes Vives, Eau de Parfum Sale price₱9,600.00