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Abeille Royale Intense Repair Youth Oil-in-Balm

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This Oil-in-Balm has been specially formulated to instantly comfort and repair even dry or weakened skin*. Its non-greasy formula combines Dynamic Blackbee Repair technology, concentrated in Black Bee honey from Ouessant Island**, with a powerful complex composed of soothing and fortifying active ingredients: Cicawax. In one hour, the skin barrier is restored***.

A Powerful Technology For Intense Revitalization

Dynamic Blackbee Repair Technology
Dynamic BlackBee Repair technology accelerates the skin's natural self-repair mechanisms****. In Oil-in-Balm, Dynamic Blackbee Repair Technology is concentrated in Ouessant honey***** for reinforced action against everyday aggressors that disrupt skin's self-revitalization.

Cicawax Complex
The Cicawax Complex contains a Centella Asiatica extract with renowned soothing properties.
It is combined with a beeswax butter capable of trapping water molecules at its heart to help to create an enveloping film, making it possible to recreate an optimal environment for skin revitalization.

*Apply to healthy skin., **In a honey blend., ***Instrumental test, 32 women, 1 hour after application., ****in vitro tests on ingredients., *****in a honey blend


All skin types, especially dry and weakened skin 


  • The youth recovery for even weakened skin
  • In 7 days, skin's youth recovery is visible.*
    *Self-satisfaction test in China, 104 women, 7 days after twice-daily application.
  • Skin is visibly smoother, firmer, and more radiant.
  • 95% naturally-derived ingredients**
    **Calculation based on the international ISO standard 16128, including water. The remaining 5% contributes to optimizing the formula's integrity over time and its sensorial texture.
  • Composed of 95% naturally-derived ingredients
  • Instantly fuses with the skin to intensely nourish it
  • Without greasy or sticky effect.
  • 80ml
Abeille Royale Intense Repair Youth Oil-in-Balm
Abeille Royale Intense Repair Youth Oil-in-Balm Sale price₱15,000.00