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Forever Slim Svart Bangle

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SKU: 2697751
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Charriol Forever Slim Svart Bangle is like a secret lucky charm slipped around the wrist, this minimalist bangle of simple and pure design pays tribute to the cradle of the Svart line’s sources of inspiration: the beautiful meeting of the Art of living the Difference and the spirit of the times.


  • Stainless-steel bangle sealing
  • 2mm yellow rose gold PVD steel wire


  • S: 15.5 cm
  • M: 16.5 cm
  • L: 17.5 cm


  • Since jewelry is a delicate and refined item, it should be worn and handled with care. Avoid direct contact with hard objects.
  • Many daily substances contain chemicals that could cause damage to your jewelry. Take off your jewelry while putting on cosmetics, playing sports, or cleaning with chemicals. Simply rinse the jewelry piece with a soft brush in cool water (never use hot) and lay them out to dry on a towel or with cool air by a hairdryer.
  • Regular cleaning and checking prolong the life of a jewelry piece. Bring the product to any Charriol Boutique or service center every six months for complimentary cleaning. Consult Charriol representative at a boutique, corners, or service centers for further advice. Even though the cable has a flexible design, do not overstretch it against opposite direction or stretch it in a certain position for a long time.
  • Avoid soaking in hot or warm water which may cause small metal (gold-plate or silver) parts to dismount and decolor.
  • Gold-plated and silver parts of the jewelry are not solid gold items, their color would be subject to natural oxidation and change of weather and become tarnished or color fading after a certain duration of use or storage.
  • Black cable jewelry items are coated under the PVD process, same as the other materials plating in gold and silver, its plating after a duration of use could fade. Do not scratch them on hard surfaces and avoid contact with salt-water, chemicals like soap, perfume on the coating surface.
  • The color of the gold-plated, black-plated, and silver parts could tarnish subject to human sweat.
charriol forever slim svart bangle
Forever Slim Svart Bangle Sale price₱19,850.00