Vidal Sassoon is an iconic figure of British hairdressing. Born in 1928, he rose to prominence in London’s swinging 60’s. Today, the brand Vidal Sassoon is known as electrical hair care appliances as VS Sassoon and the philosophy hair we can all create at home.

vidal sassoon ipink 32mm curling iron
iPink 32mm Curling Iron
vidal sassoon swarovski 38mm curling iron
Swarovski 38mm Curling Iron
vidal sassoon swarovski steam straightener
Swarovski Steam Straightener
vidal sassoon neo-retro twist dryer
Neo-Retro Twist Dryer
vidal sassoon studio tools 2000w dryer
Studio Tools 2000W Dryer
vidal sassoon 2-in-1 straight & curl styler
2-in-1 Straight & Curl Styler
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vidal sassoon ionic shine dryer
Ionic Shine Dryer
vidal sassoon 1800w foldable dryer
1800W Foldable Dryer
vidal sassoon ac pro twist dryer
AC Pro Twist Dryer
vidal sassoon compact ac motor dryer
Compact AC Motor Dryer
vidal sassoon studio tools 22mm straightener
Studio Tools 22mm Straightener
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vidal sassoon studio tools foldable dryer
Studio Tools Foldable Dryer
vidal sassoon ipink 32mm straight & curl iron
iPink 32mm Straight & Curl Iron
vidal sassoon pink series mini straightener
Pink Series Mini Straightener
vidal sassoon 25mm ceramic straightener
25mm Ceramic Straightener
vidal sassoon ipink 25mm straightener
iPink 25mm Straightener