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Our in-store experts at Rustan's The Beauty Source bring you their favorite solutions for skin care, make-up, fragrances, hair care, bath and body—all from premium beauty brands in the Philippines.

Aveda pramāsana Exfoliating Scalp Brush
pramāsana™ Exfoliating Scalp Brush
denman d-90l black detangler brush
D-90L Black Detangler Brush
denman d-1 easy care medium soft styling brush
D-1 Easy Care Medium Soft Styling Brush
denman d-19 tail comb
D-19 Tail Comb
denman d-200 black vent brush
D-200 Black Vent Brush
denman d-24 detangling comb
D-24 Detangling Comb
denman d-2n noir small 5-row styling brush
D-2N Noir Small 5-Row Styling Brush
denman d-3 traditional range large 9-row styling brush
D-3 Traditional Range Large 7-Row Styling Brush
denman d-300 hyflex vented radial brush
D-300 Hyflex Vented Radial Brush
denman d-3m gents styling brush
D-3M Gents Styling Brush
denman d-4n noir large 9-row styling brush
D-4N Noir Large 9-Row Styling Brush
denman d-6 be-bop easy care shampoo and massage brush black
D-6 Be-Bop Easy Care Shampoo and Massage Brush
denman d-7 popper brush
D-7 Popper Brush
denman d-81s small grooming brush
D-81S Small Grooming Brush
denman d-84 small paddle brush
D-84 Small Paddle Brush
denman d-90 tangle tamer
D-90 Tangle Tamer
denman hair brush cleaning brush
Hair Brush Cleaning Brush
denman limited-edition d3 jeepney brush
Limited-Edition D3 Jeepney Brush
denman limited edition styling brush rainbow
Limited-Edition Styling Brush Rainbow
denman large 18-pieces no-damage elastics bright colored
Large 18-Pieces No-Damage Elastics Bright Colored
denman small 34-pieces no damage elastics bright colors
Small 34-Pieces No-Damage Elastics Bright Colors
denman small 34-pieces no damage elastics neutral colors
Small 30-Pieces No-Damage Elastics Neutral Colors
denman 48-pieces no slip bobby pins
48-Pieces No-Slip Bobby Pins
denman 10-pieces no slip elastics black
10-Pieces No-Slip Elastics Black
denman 10-pieces no slip elastics bright colors
10-Pieces No-Slip Elastics Bright Colors
denman small wooden beech handle brush
Small Wooden Beech Handle Brush
Wet and Dry Detangling Kit
Wet and Dry Detangling Kit
Acca Kappa Natura Beechwood Hairbrush Travel-sized
Natura Beechwood Travel-Sized Hairbrush
Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush
Wooden Paddle Brush
Moroccanoil® Ceramic Paddle Brush
Ceramic Paddle Brush
Moroccanoil® Ceramic 25MM Round Brush
Ceramic 25MM Round Brush
Moroccanoil® Ceramic 55MM Round Brush
Ceramic 55MM Round Brush