Known as "The Hairdressers' Hairbrush" for more than 80 years, Denman has been established with excellent credibility and an unrivaled reputation in helping create beautiful, brilliant hair.

denman d-6 be-bop easy care shampoo and massage brush black
D-6 Be-Bop Easy Care Shampoo and Massage Brush
New Arrival
denman d-3 traditional range large 9-row styling brush
D-3 Traditional Range Large 7-Row Styling Brush
New Arrival
denman limited-edition d3 jeepney brush
Limited-Edition D3 Jeepney Brush
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denman d-24 detangling comb
D-24 Detangling Comb
denman d-200 black vent brush
D-200 Black Vent Brush
denman d-3m gents styling brush
D-3M Gents Styling Brush
New Arrival
denman d-14 traditional range small 5-row styling brush
D-14 Traditional Range Small 5-Row Styling Brush
denman d-300 hyflex vented radial brush
D-300 Hyflex Vented Radial Brush
denman large 18-pieces no damage elastics black
Large 18-Pieces No-Damage Elastics Black
denman small 34-pieces no damage elastics neutral colors
Small 30-Pieces No-Damage Elastics Neutral Colors
denman d-4 large 9-row styling brush
D-4 Large 9-Row Styling Brush
denman d-2n noir small 5-row styling brush
D-2N Noir Small 5-Row Styling Brush
denman d-7 popper brush
D-7 Popper Brush
denman d-84 small paddle brush
D-84 Small Paddle Brush
denman d-12 three row comb
D-12 Three Row Comb
denman d-4n noir large 9-row styling brush
D-4N Noir Large 9-Row Styling Brush
denman d-3n noir medium 7-row styling brush
D-3N Noir Medium 7-Row Styling Brush
denman large 18-pieces no-damage elastics bright colored
Large 18-Pieces No-Damage Elastics Bright Colored
denman d-90 tangle tamer
D-90 Tangle Tamer
Wet and Dry Detangling Kit
Wet and Dry Detangling Kit
denman small wooden beech handle brush
Small Wooden Beech Handle Brush
denman small 34-pieces no damage elastics bright colors
Small 34-Pieces No-Damage Elastics Bright Colors
denman d-25 fantail comb
D-25 Fantail Comb
denman d-33 easy care small extra soft styling brush
D-33 Easy Care Small Extra Soft Styling Brush