French brand Snails is the world’s first washable nail polish for kids, formulated vegan and free of 12 harmful chemicals. Available in a wide range of colors and collections, Snails paints kids’ playtime with wonderful colors the safe way.

snails jewelry tattoo - neon
Jewelry Tattoo - Neon
snails mini nail polish - cherry queen
Mini Nail Polish - Cherry Queen
snails nail wraps - pink stars
Nail Wraps - Pink Stars
snails nail wrap - purple zebra
Nail Wraps - Purple Zebra
snails lollips - caramel candy
Lollips - Caramel Candy
snails face tattoo - midnight cat
Face Tattoo - Midnight Cat
snails mini nail polish - frost queen
Mini Nail Polish - Frost Queen
snails nail wraps - turquoise
Nail Wraps - Turquiose
snails nail wraps - pink zebra
Nail Wraps - Pink Zebra
snails nail wraps - blue stars
Nail Wraps - Blue Stars