Founded in 1967, leading crystal producer RCR Cristalleria Italiana is one of the largest in the world in making home and tableware like vases, tumblers, goblets, bottles, bowls, plates, and centerpieces, all the products are made in Italy from eco-friendly lead free crystal glass.

Carrara Glassware
Carrara Glassware
Starting at ₱1,350.00
rcr carrara round decanter with stopper
Carrara Round Decanter with Stopper
rcr carrara square decanter with stopper
Carrara Square Decanter with Stopper
rcr carrara jug
Carrara Jug
rcr daily beer goblet
Daily Beer Goblet
rcr daily tasting goblet
Daily Tasting Goblet
rcr daily flute goblet
Daily Flute Goblet
rcr daily boblet - 270ml
Daily Goblet
Starting at ₱375.00
rcr daily selected red wine
Daily Selected Red Wine
Invino Glassware
Invino Glassware
Starting at ₱375.00
rcr opera champagne goblet
Opera Champagne Goblet
rcr opera goblet - 160ml
Opera Goblet
Starting at ₱425.00
rcr opera vase h 250
Opera Vase
Starting at ₱2,250.00
Opera Ashtray
Opera Ashtray
Opera Bowl
Opera Bowl
Regular price ₱1,750.00 Sale price Starting at ₱425.00
rcr opera square decanter with stopper
Opera Square Decanter with Stopper
rcr opera tumbler
Opera Tumbler
rcr opera long drink tumbler
Opera Long Drink Tumbler
rcr opera flute goblet
Opera Flute Goblet
rcr tocai tumbler - 210ml
Tocai Tumbler
Starting at ₱345.00
rcr tocai long drink tumbler
Tocai Long Drink Tumbler
Timeless Glassware
Timeless Glassware
Starting at ₱275.00
rcr aria wine tasting set
Aria Wine Tasting Set