Phyto is founded on the idea of 'first do no harm'. Combining a love of plants and hair, the brand has been dedicated to hair and scalp care for 50 years.

phyto phytosquam purifying maintenance shampoo
Phytosquam Purifying Maintenance Shampoo
phyto phytosquam intense exfoliating treatment shampoo
Phytosquam Intense Exfoliating Treatment Shampoo
Phytonovathrix Global Anti-Hair Loss Treatment
Phytonovathrix Global Anti-Hair Loss Treatment
phyto phytocyane densifying treatment shampoo
Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo
phyto re30 anti-grey hair treatment
Phyto RE30 Anti-Grey Hair Treatment
phyto color 6.77 cappuccino
Starting at ₱922.50

More colors available

phyto phytomillesime color-enhancing shampoo
Phytomillesime Color-Enhancing Shampoo
phyto phytomillesime color enhancing beauty concentrate
Phytomillesime Color Enhancing Beauty Concentrate
phyto paris phytomillesime color protecting mist
Phytomillesime Color Protecting Mist
phyto phytodensia plumping serum
Phytodensia Plumping Serum
phyto pro intense volume mousse
Phyto Pro Intense Volume Mousse
phyto phytolaque soie - light hold
Phytolaque Soie - Light Hold
phyto phytolaque miroir - medium hold
Phytolaque Miroir - Medium Hold
phyto phytolaque design - strong hold
Phytolaque Design - Strong Hold
Phyto Phytonovathrix Fortifying Energizing Lotion
Phytonovathrix Fortifying Energizing Lotion