Known for its eye-catching original designs, Penny Scallan provides a range of premium lifestyle products and accessories that makes life easier for parents and more fun for kids.

penny scallan thermal flask - chirpy bird
Thermal Flask - Chirpy Bird
penny scallan big city thermal flask
Thermal Flask - Big City
penny scallan umbrella - dino rock
Umbrella - Dino Rock
penny scallan bento cooler bag - pineapple bunting
Bento Cooler Bag - Pineapple Bunting
penny scallan purple bento cooler bag - loopy llama
Bento Cooler Bag - Loopy Llama Purple
penny scallan pink bento cooler bag - chirpy bird light
Bento Cooler Bag - Chirpy Bird
penny scallan school lunch box - park life
School Lunch Box - Park Life
penny scallan school lunch box - chirpy bird
School Lunch Box - Chirpy Bird
penny scallan school lunch box - pineapple bunting
School Lunch Box - Pineapple Bunting
penny scallan school lunch box - big city
School Lunch Box - Big City
penny scallan lunch box - space monkey
Lunch Box - Space Monkey
penny scallan top loader backpack - chirpy bird
Top Loader Backpack - Chirpy Bird
penny scallan bento cooler bag - dino rock
Bento Cooler Bag - Dino Rock
penny scallan backpack medium - park life
Backpack Medium - Park Life
penny scallan backpack medium - wild thing
Backpack Medium - Wild Thing
penny scallan backpack large - chirpy bird
Backpack Large - Chirpy Bird
penny scallan backpack large - loopy llama
Backpack Large - Loopy Llama
penny scallan backpack large - dino rock
Backpack Large - Dino Rock