Palmer's uses only the finest ingredients to provide consumers the highest quality formulas at affordable prices making it a favourite in over 80 countries.

palmer's intense moisture foaming body wash
Intense Foaming Body Wash
New Arrival
Nourishing Foaming Body Wash
Nourishing Foaming Body Wash
palmer's indulgent foaming body wash
Indulgent Foaming Body Wash
Soothing Foaming Body Wash
Soothing Foaming Body Wash
Massage Oil for Stretch Marks
Massage Oil for Stretch Marks
palmer's massage lotion for stretch marks
Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks
palmer's massage cream for stretch marks
Massage Cream for Stretch Marks
palmer's tummy butter for stretch marks
Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks
palmer's soothing oil for dry, itchy skin
Soothing Oil for Dry, Itchy Skin
palmer's moisturizing body oil
Moisturizing Body Oil
palmer's 60ml skin therapy oil - rosehip fragrance
Skin Therapy Oil - Rosehip Fragrance
Starting at ₱495.00
palmer's original cocoa butter formula
Original Cocoa Butter Formula
palmer's multi-effect perfecting facial oil
Multi-Effect Perfecting Facial Oil
palmer's skin nourishing calming cleanser
Skin Nourishing Calming Cream Cleanser
palmer's olive oil leave-in conditioner
Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner