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MZ Wallace

MZ Wallace

Designed in New York City, MZ Wallace make bags that work for your life. Each piece uses high-quality materials from lightweight nylons to fine Italian leather and relies on timeless design to create accessories that can be worn for years to come.

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Box Metro Crossbody BlackBox Metro Crossbody Black
MZ Wallace
Box Metro Crossbody Black Sale price₱18,500.00
Crosby Go MagnetCrosby Go Magnet
MZ Wallace
Crosby Go Magnet Sale price₱13,500.00
Medium Metro Tote Deluxe Moondust Metallic LacquerMedium Metro Tote Deluxe Moondust Metallic Lacquer
Madison Shoulder Bag FrostMadison Shoulder Bag Frost
MZ Wallace
Madison Shoulder Bag Frost Sale price₱17,500.00
Madison Crossbody II CamelMadison Crossbody II Camel
MZ Wallace
Madison Crossbody II Camel Sale price₱17,500.00
Mini Raffia Tote Raffia/CamelMini Raffia Tote Raffia/Camel
Small Raffia Tote Raffia/CamelSmall Raffia Tote Raffia/Camel
Chelsea Petite Shoulder BlackChelsea Petite Shoulder Black
Small Raffia Tote Raffia/Black LacquerSmall Raffia Tote Raffia/Black Lacquer
Mini Raffia Tote Raffia/Black LacquerMini Raffia Tote Raffia/Black Lacquer
Crosby Long Wallet BlackCrosby Long Wallet Black
MZ Wallace
Crosby Long Wallet Black Sale price₱11,500.00
Madison Flat Crossbody MagnetMadison Flat Crossbody Magnet
Madison Convertible Crossbody MagnetMadison Convertible Crossbody Magnet
Mini Metro Box Tote Autumn GeoMini Metro Box Tote Autumn Geo
Metro Clutch Autumn GeoMetro Clutch Autumn Geo
MZ Wallace
Metro Clutch Autumn Geo Sale price₱5,500.00
Small Chelsea Crossbody BlackSmall Chelsea Crossbody Black
Madison Shoulder Bag Quartz PearlMadison Shoulder Bag Quartz Pearl
Mini Metro Box Tote BoucleMini Metro Box Tote Boucle
MZ Wallace
Mini Metro Box Tote Boucle Sale price₱17,500.00
Metro Clutch BoucleMetro Clutch Boucle
MZ Wallace
Metro Clutch Boucle Sale price₱6,500.00
Crosby Go BlackCrosby Go Black
MZ Wallace
Crosby Go Black Sale price₱13,500.00
Madison Shoulder Bag MagnetMadison Shoulder Bag Magnet
MZ Wallace
Madison Shoulder Bag Magnet Sale price₱17,500.00
Large Madison Shopper Silver BlueLarge Madison Shopper Silver Blue
Large Crosby Pippa BoucleLarge Crosby Pippa Boucle
MZ Wallace
Large Crosby Pippa Boucle Sale price₱22,500.00
Metro Crossbody OcherMetro Crossbody Ocher
MZ Wallace
Metro Crossbody Ocher Sale price₱9,500.00
Large Raffia Tote Raffia/Black LacquerLarge Raffia Tote Raffia/Black Lacquer
Small Emily Crossbody Ice SequinSmall Emily Crossbody Ice Sequin
Extra Extra Small Sutton Peach RecExtra Extra Small Sutton Peach Rec
Metro Tote Deluxe Peony PearlMetro Tote Deluxe Peony Pearl
Box Tote CoralBox Tote Coral
MZ Wallace
Box Tote Coral Sale price₱17,500.00
Sutton Deluxe Peony PearlSutton Deluxe Peony Pearl
MZ Wallace
Sutton Deluxe Peony Pearl Sale price₱16,500.00
Mini Metro Tote Deluxe Peony PearlMini Metro Tote Deluxe Peony Pearl
Micro Sutton CoralMicro Sutton Coral
MZ Wallace
Micro Sutton Coral Sale price₱12,500.00
Metro Belt Bag CoralMetro Belt Bag Coral
MZ Wallace
Metro Belt Bag Coral Sale price₱10,500.00
Metro Crossbody DahliaMetro Crossbody Dahlia
MZ Wallace
Metro Crossbody Dahlia Sale price₱9,500.00
Small Emily Crossbody Pearl MetallicSmall Emily Crossbody Pearl Metallic
Ruby Pale Rose Gold MetallicRuby Pale Rose Gold Metallic
Small Sutton Deluxe Pale Rose Gold MetallicSmall Sutton Deluxe Pale Rose Gold Metallic
Ruby Peony PearlRuby Peony Pearl
MZ Wallace
Ruby Peony Pearl Sale price₱10,500.00
Micro Metro Tote Deluxe CherryMicro Metro Tote Deluxe Cherry
Mini Crosby Oyster MetallicMini Crosby Oyster Metallic
MZ Wallace
Mini Crosby Oyster Metallic Sale price₱19,500.00
Crosby Hobo RoseCrosby Hobo Rose
MZ Wallace
Crosby Hobo Rose Sale price₱19,500.00
Metro Clutch CherryMetro Clutch Cherry
MZ Wallace
Metro Clutch Cherry Sale price₱6,500.00
Metro Flat Crossbody CherryMetro Flat Crossbody Cherry
Small Metro Tote Deluxe RoseSmall Metro Tote Deluxe Rose
Crosby Crossbody Sling CamelCrosby Crossbody Sling Camel