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Mini Melissa

Mini Melissa

From the iconic global footwear brand Melissa, say hello to Mini Melissa! The much-loved jelly now re-invented, bringing style and comfort to a whole new level for our little ones.

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Ultragirl Girly BlackUltragirl Girly Black
Mini Melissa
Ultragirl Girly Black Sale price₱2,350.00
Velvet Sandal PinkVelvet Sandal Pink
Mini Melissa
Velvet Sandal Pink Sale price₱2,250.00
Way PinkWay Pink
Mini Melissa
Way Pink Sale price₱2,495.00
Harmonic Sweet IV LilacHarmonic Sweet IV Lilac
Mini Melissa
Harmonic Sweet IV Lilac Sale price₱2,195.00
Velvet Sandal White PearledVelvet Sandal White Pearled
Ultragirl Garden Black/WhiteUltragirl Garden Black/White
Possession Sandals Glitter Purple/OrangePossession Sandals Glitter Purple/Orange
Possession Sandals Glitter Pink/YellowPossession Sandals Glitter Pink/Yellow
Mar Princess Sandals PinkMar Princess Sandals Pink
Furadinha Babouche Red/White
Furadinha Babouche BlueFuradinha Babouche Blue
Mini Melissa
Furadinha Babouche Blue Sale price₱2,250.00
Cloud Sandal Pink TransparentCloud Sandal Pink Transparent
Campana Papel Glitter BlueCampana Papel Glitter Blue
Way LilacWay Lilac
Mini Melissa
Way Lilac Sale price₱2,495.00
Way BlackWay Black
Mini Melissa
Way Black Sale price₱2,495.00
Harmonic Sweet IV Black/SilverHarmonic Sweet IV Black/Silver
Wide Clear Pink GlitterWide Clear Pink Glitter
Mini Melissa
Wide Clear Pink Glitter Sale price₱2,695.00
Wide Clear Glitter MixWide Clear Glitter Mix
Mini Melissa
Wide Clear Glitter Mix Sale price₱2,695.00
Ultragirl Rosebleu Pink/CoralUltragirl Rosebleu Pink/Coral
Ultragirl Rosebleu GoldUltragirl Rosebleu Gold
Mini Melissa
Ultragirl Rosebleu Gold Sale price₱2,395.00
Ultragirl Girly BlackUltragirl Girly Black
Mini Melissa
Ultragirl Girly Black Sale price₱2,495.00
Mar Sandal Princess Black/BeigeMar Sandal Princess Black/Beige
Cloud Slide Pink/Transparent/PinkCloud Slide Pink/Transparent/Pink
Cloud Slide PinkCloud Slide Pink
Mini Melissa
Cloud Slide Pink Sale price₱2,695.00
Cloud Slide Black/BlackCloud Slide Black/Black
Mini Melissa
Cloud Slide Black/Black Sale price₱2,695.00
Basic Lilac/WhiteBasic Lilac/White
Mini Melissa
Basic Lilac/White Sale price₱1,995.00