Easy to use and comforting to the senses, Kinto brings the right balance between usability and aesthetics. Ranging from tableware, drinkware, to interior pieces, each product is designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding space and will stand by you in your everyday life. 

Alfresco Collection
Alfresco Collection
Starting at ₱1,150.00
Kinto Aqua Culture Vase
Aqua Culture Vase
Starting at ₱1,150.00
Kinto CAFEPRESS Collection
CAFEPRESS Collection
Kinto CARAT Collection
CARAT Collection
Starting at ₱2,250.00
Kinto CAST Glassware Collection
CAST Glassware Collection
Starting at ₱895.00
Kinto FARO Mug Set
FARO Mug Set
Kinto KRONOS Double Wall Glassware Collection
KRONOS Double Wall Glassware Collection
Starting at ₱725.00
Kinto Pour Over Kettle
Pour Over Kettle
Kinto SEPIA Drinkware Collection
SEPIA Drinkware Collection
Starting at ₱3,750.00
Slow Coffee Style Collection
Slow Coffee Style Collection
Starting at ₱725.00
Kinto To Go Tumbler
To Go Tumbler
Kinto UNITEA Collection
UNITEA Collection
Starting at ₱1,150.00