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Since 1898, Canadian brand Gund has been creating beautiful teddy bears, dolls, and plush toys for children all around the world.

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Muttsy Dog 14inMuttsy Dog 14in
Muttsy Dog 14in Sale price₱1,699.00
Snuffles White 10inSnuffles White 10in
Snuffles White 10in Sale price₱1,499.00
Snuffles Gray 10inSnuffles Gray 10in
Snuffles Gray 10in Sale price₱1,499.00
Philbin Beige 12inPhilbin Beige 12in
Philbin Beige 12in Sale price₱1,199.00
Oh So Snuggly™ HippoOh So Snuggly™ Hippo
Oh So Snuggly™ Hippo Sale price₱1,499.00
Oh So Snuggly™ BunnyOh So Snuggly™ Bunny
Oh So Snuggly™ Bunny Sale price₱1,499.00
Sesame Street Bert Plush - 14inSesame Street Bert Plush - 14in
Sesame Street Bert Plush - 14in Sale price₱1,299.00
Sesame Street Elmo Plush - 13inSesame Street Elmo Plush - 13in
Sesame Street Elmo Plush - 13in Sale price₱1,299.00
Sesame Street Cookie Monster Plushie - 12inSesame Street Cookie Monster Plushie - 12in
Sesame Street Big Bird Plushie - 14inSesame Street Big Bird Plushie - 14in
My First Tan Teddy - 10inMy First Tan Teddy - 10in
My First Tan Teddy - 10in Sale price₱649.00
Animated Unicorn ABC PlushAnimated Unicorn ABC Plush
Animated Unicorn ABC Plush Sale price₱2,499.00
Gund Animated Happy Birthday Teddy - 17inGund Animated Happy Birthday Teddy - 17in
P.Lushes Runway Mariah Monarch - 6inP.Lushes Runway Mariah Monarch - 6in
P.Lushes Runway Rebecca O'Roar - 6inP.Lushes Runway Rebecca O'Roar - 6in
P.Lushes Runway Sofia Lopez - 6inP.Lushes Runway Sofia Lopez - 6in
P.Lushes Runway Daisy Doemei - 6inP.Lushes Runway Daisy Doemei - 6in
Special Edition P.Lushes Runway B.G. Night - 6inSpecial Edition P.Lushes Runway B.G. Night - 6in
P.Lushes Runway Cyndi Pupowski - 6inP.Lushes Runway Cyndi Pupowski - 6in
Special Edition P.Lushes Runway 24 Carti - 6inSpecial Edition P.Lushes Runway 24 Carti - 6in
P.Lushes Runway April Fiore - 6inP.Lushes Runway April Fiore - 6in
P.Lushes Runway Sally Mustang - 6inP.Lushes Runway Sally Mustang - 6in
P.Lushes Jessica Foxy - 6inP.Lushes Jessica Foxy - 6in
P.Lushes Jessica Foxy - 6in Sale price₱799.00
Cindy Bear - 12inCindy Bear - 12in
Cindy Bear - 12in Sale price₱1,299.00
My First Teddy Blue 15in
My First Teddy Blue 15in Sale price₱899.00
My First Teddy Pink 15in
My First Teddy Pink 15in Sale price₱899.00
gund tan my first teddy - 15"gund tan my first teddy - 15"
My First Tan Teddy - 15in Sale price₱899.00
gun brown philbin chocolate bear - 12"gun brown philbin chocolate bear - 12"
Philbin Chocolate Bear 12" Sale price₱1,199.00