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Frédéric Malle

Frédéric Malle

The fashion world isn’t just about clothes–scents and fragrances are an integral part of the industry. This is where Frédéric Malle enters. A pioneer in niche fragrance, the perfume house is renowned for its innovative work and exquisite collaborations.

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Rose Tonnerre by Edouard FléchierRose Tonnerre by Edouard Fléchier
Rose & Cuir Perfume by Jean-claude EllenaRose & Cuir Perfume by Jean-claude Ellena
Portrait of a Lady Perfume by Dominique RopionPortrait of a Lady Perfume by Dominique Ropion
Heaven Can Wait by Jean-Claude EllenaHeaven Can Wait by Jean-Claude Ellena
Uncut Gem by Maurice RoucelUncut Gem by Maurice Roucel
Bigarade Concentree Cologne by Jean-Claude EllenaBigarade Concentree Cologne by Jean-Claude Ellena
Geranium Pour Monsieur Perfume by Dominique RopionGeranium Pour Monsieur Perfume by Dominique Ropion
En Passant Perfume by Olivia GiacobettiEn Passant Perfume by Olivia Giacobetti
Cologne Indelebile Perfume by Dominique RopionCologne Indelebile Perfume by Dominique Ropion
Lys Mediterranee Perfume by Edouard FléchierLys Mediterranee Perfume by Edouard Fléchier
Synthetic Jungle by Anne FlipoSynthetic Jungle by Anne Flipo
Angeliques Sous La Pluie Perfume by Jean-Claude EllenaAngeliques Sous La Pluie Perfume by Jean-Claude Ellena
Carnal Flower Perfume by Dominique RopionCarnal Flower Perfume by Dominique Ropion
Iris Poudre Perfume by Pierre BourdonIris Poudre Perfume by Pierre Bourdon
Lipstick Rose Perfume by Ralf SchwiegerLipstick Rose Perfume by Ralf Schwieger
Monsieur. Perfume by Bruno JovanovicMonsieur. Perfume by Bruno Jovanovic
Musc Ravageur Perfume by Maurice RoucelMusc Ravageur Perfume by Maurice Roucel
Noir Epices Perfume by Michel RoudnitskaNoir Epices Perfume by Michel Roudnitska
Une Rose Perfume by Edouard FléchierUne Rose Perfume by Edouard Fléchier
Vetiver Extraordinaire Perfume by Dominique RopionVetiver Extraordinaire Perfume by Dominique Ropion
Musc Ravageur Body ButterMusc Ravageur Body Butter
Portrait of a Lady Body ButterPortrait of a Lady Body Butter

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Born from a family of expert perfumers, Frédéric Malle started the niche fragrance house now known as Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle. Launched during the time when fragrances were simply introduced as part of a luxury brand, its discerning founder published signature scents from nine talented perfumers. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Frédéric Malle continues to act as an editor of the newly published scents from this renowned fragrance house. Remaining true to its origins, the brand collaborates with handpicked perfumers to raise the standards of perfume making. Its nine original scents remain iconic and unforgettable–a true mark of genius in perfume making.

Rich, exotic, and absolutely timeless, Frédéric Malle offers scents unlike any other in the Philippines. From sweet and innocent florals to deep and musky notes, the fragrance house brings an experience you’ll never forget in each bottle.

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