4M’s products upgrade kids’ playtime with imaginative engagement through innovative learning and craft kits, toys, and activities that introduce scientific concepts in a fun way.

4m multicolor steam powered girls weather station
Steam Powered Girls Weather Station
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4m 3d floor puzzles safari
3D Floor Puzzles - Safari
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4m clever cleaning robot
Clever Cleaning Robot
4m my unicorn stepping stone
My Unicorn Stepping Stone
4m my unicorn faux leather pouch
My Unicorn Faux Leather Pouch
4m mould and paint llama
Mould and Paint Llama
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4m magical unicorns
Magical Unicorns
4m aqua robot
Aqua Robot
4m mould and paint glow space
Mould and Paint Glow Space
4m life cycle wheel
Life Cycle Wheel
4m unicorn window paints
Unicorn Window Paints
4m 3d puzzles - mermaid
3D Puzzles - Mermaid
4m fridge robot
Fridge Robot
4m crystal growing experimental kit
Crystal Growing Experimental Kit
4m mould and paint cute pets
Mould and Paint Cute Pets
4m mould and paint cupcake
Mould and Paint Cupcake
4m fairy mirror chest
Fairy Mirror Chest