The Golden Hour

Thanks to its unique properties, gold as a radiance enhancer and vehicle for powerful ingredients is particularly potent. Discover the science behind the beauty of the Swiss Alps with La Prairie's newest collection

Imagine the soaring elegance of the Swiss Alps. Captivating. Enthralling. Its ancient minerality, the everlasting snowy mantel, the lofty summits conspire to fill those who have the good fortune of seeing them in awe. However, as the sun begins to set, its rays starts to spread across the horizon and sweep over the mountains, a beauty that reaches a greater height.

It is a moment when undeniable beauty imposes itself. In a split second, this golden hour radiates with an understated brilliance unlike any other. It is a kind of golden hour that one remembers for a lifetime.

Introducing La Prairie Pure Gold Collection.

At La Prairie, it has always made it its goal to bring beauty to society. Not only through its premium products, but also through the use of the most extravagant and most lavish ingredients.

Inspired by the beauty of golden hour in the Swiss Alps, La Prairie introduces three new products in the Pure Gold collection: Pure Gold Radiance Cream, Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream, and Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate. In creating this new collection, the renowned beauty brand sought to revitalize skin and recreate a unique radiance with a precious and rare ingredient—gold.


The Pure Gold collection features a unique system that helps to revitalize, replenish, and enrich the skin. It features an innovative new three-step Pure Gold Diffusion System, which begins with the deposit of gold particles on the skin, followed by an infusion of replenishing active ingredients. The diffusion is completed with a steady release of active ingredients, attached to submicron gold particles. The ingredients penetrate the skin over time to support long-term skin reconstruction.


The multi-sensory experience of the "Pure Gold Ritual" begins with the scintillating formula of the Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate. It is a rich fluid that glistens with the promise of the sumptuous sensation to come, smooths and refines the skin's texture.


The Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream enhances skin radiance instantly while building radiance over the long term. Not only does it provide nutrients to the eye area and re-texturizes and smooths the skin, it also minimizes the appearance of dark circles over time, reduces the appearance of puffiness, and hydrates skin intensely.


Finally, the Pure Gold Radiance Cream helps in the restructuring of the skin and in increasing its volume. Infused with La Prairie's proprietary Exclusive Cellular Complex as well, it provides essential nutrients, smoothing the skin, evening skin texture, and restoring a youthful glow.

The design of the packaging is a manifestation of a will to make beauty endure and is La Prairie’s first designs for refillable products. For each creation of the Pure Gold Collection, the metal casing and the cap are designed to be kept indefinitely. The cream and eye cream also come with the durable 18K gold-plated spatula.

This collection is La Prairie’s first step to building the beauty of future. It is an expression of sustainable luxury.

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