Quintessentially British

This iconic scent from Jo Malone London is making a comeback straight from the English Fields

Jo Malone London has made a name for its evocative British scents, building up an impressive fragrance catalogue since its birth in 1994. Apart from its impressive collection, this luxury fragrance house continues to create quite the unique limited-edition collections that can definitely brighten up one's day with just a whiff of the scent.

Among its collections that has indeed made its mark was last year's English Fields collection, which features five scents: Primrose & Rye, Oat & Cornflower, Honey & Crocus, Green Wheat & Meadowsweet, and Poppy & Barley. Plucked straight from the harvest, the Poppy & Barley cologne is now a permanent fixture in Jo Malone London's catalogue.

According to Celine Roux, the brand's head of global fragrance, “Poppies seem so quintessentially British, and to me, this fragrance represents a living landscape where poppies add dashes of color to golden grains. It’s a colorful character—I can’t think of an English field without picturing the poppies bursting through in their unruly way.”

Created by Mathilde Bijaoui of MANE, the renowned perfumer wanted to evoke the fragrance of poppies and barley by making a scent that is light and unassuming. She enhanced the poppy's scent with notes of rose, violet, and blackcurrants. Meanwhile, she mixed this lively note with the cottony, warm notes of barley and bran cocoon, giving that nostalgic impression of the English countryside.

As with any Jo Malone London fragrance, Poppy & Barley can either be worn alone or combined and layered with other Jo Malone London fragrances, giving you the chance to play the perfumer and have a little fun with fragrances more bespoke.

For a vibrant floral combination, layer Poppy & Barley with Honeysuckle & Davana. For a colorful scent with with a fresh note of sea salt, it works beautifully with Wood Sage & Sea Salt. For an addictive sensuous combination with added warmth, combine it with Myrrh & Tonka.

Is there a flower any more British than the poppy? This iconic flower is easily seen in various vivid colors across the English meadows—and Jo Malone London couldn't have chosen a more perfect flower to immortalize in a bottle than this.

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