It's Picture Perfect

Your favorite memories framed as decor or given as gifts. Pottery Barn's curated collections make it easier to find the perfect presents

The best way to personalize your home is with photographs of the special people and places in your life. With just a glance at the photographs, you'll instantly be transported back to the time that was captured by the photographer. Picture frames help you to organize and display these memories throughout your home. You can choose to hang the pictures on your walls or display them on a table, bookshelf, mantel or any other flat surface. These frames come in a variety of beautiful designs that are stylish enough to hold your cherished memories.

Metal Picture Frames

Metal is one of the most common materials used in photo frames. These frames come in metallic shades like gold and silver as well as simple matte black. Choose from thin metal photo frames to add subtle sparkle to your photographs or eye-catching thick metal frames.

Metal frames come in a variety of sizes to hold standard photographs or larger prints. Many of these frames come with an attached stand and mounting capabilities, so you can choose to either hang them on the wall or display them on a bookshelf.

Wood Picture Frames

Wood picture frames are another great option for displaying your photographs. These lovely frames are crafted of solid hardwood and come in various sizes to suit any photograph. In modern spaces, choose crisp, painted wood frames in black or white. If you prefer a more rustic look, select wood frames that are finished in a simple varnish which preserves the look of the natural wood grain.

Collage Picture Frames

While most photo frames hold only one photograph at a time, collage picture frames can hold several. By mounting a set of coordinated photographs into these collage frames, you'll instantly create a new focal point on your walls. These photo frames allow you to mimic the look of a traditional gallery wall in a fraction of the time.

Another way to easily create a gallery wall is with a "gallery in a box" set of beautifully coordinated photo frames. These sets include six, ten or 15 matching frames in a variety of small and large sizes. Simply add your favorite photographs to the frames and you'll be ready to transform any blank wall space into a feature wall filled with memories.

Other Frame Types

Aside from metal and wood, there are also many other materials to choose from. These unique and eye-catching frames will look great on your walls or on hallway tables.

Marble frames are an incredibly elegant photo storage solution. These trendy frames can be used to display photographs vertically or horizontally. Because they are crafted of real white marble, each frame will come with its own unique marbling.

Mother-of-pearl is another beautiful, shimmery material used for photo frames. Like marble, each mother-of-pearl frame comes with its unique color variances. These iridescent frames also make a great gift.

Gold or silver rope frames are a stylish choice for displaying your memories. These pretty nautical frames are the ideal choice for displaying beach or travel photographs.

Acrylic frames are a great pick for anyone who prefers a minimalist look. These clear, simple mounts ensure the photograph, not the frame, is the real star of the show.

There are also a few specialty frames available to choose from, like ones with paw print embellishments perfect for housing your pet photographs. These specially-tailored frames are designed to greatly enhance your favorite pictures.

Photo Boxes, Photo Albums and Storage Baskets

Mounting and displaying your favorite pictures is a lovely way to add personalized decorative style to your home. A fun way to keep things fresh is to switch out the pictures on display every few months. Photo boxes, photo albums, or storage baskets help to organize extra pictures into one handy spot. Flip through the stored photographs each season to choose new pictures that catch your eye. Storage baskets and albums also come in various stylish designs and colors so they'll look nice sitting on the shelves in your living room or bedroom.


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