Escape to Distant Shores

A summer sojourn to the beach feels like a million miles away right now. Perhaps the closest thing we have to an island escape is smelling like we're on one

Do you remember that time when you went on your first solo backpacking trip and had the adventure of your dreams? Or maybe that time you spent your summer lying under an umbrella with your favorite mojito in hand? Whether you're the adventurous traveler or the type to stay the whole time at the beach, we can all agree that when it comes to our memories, we can vividly remember those trips from start to finish.

It's true. Just think about it—at home, you have a routine. You go through the day as if you're on autopilot. But when you're on vacation, the lack of structure or schedule means breaking free from the construct. You're taking in everything—the warmth of the sun, the sound of waves crashing, the smell of the ocean.

Let's face it, the current situation put a halt on our summer plans—but if it's a beach getaway you're craving for, VERSACE Dylan Turquoise will carry your away to a beach in the Mediterranean.

Renowned Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace described the new eau de toilette as "Escaping towards faraway islands where blue sky meets crystal waters. The sea breeze caresses skin waking up the senses and regenerating the soul. A fragrance reminding of warm sun and summer days. Dylan Turquoise is an ode to the sensuality of the Versace woman."

Evoking an escape to secluded islands, Dylan Turquoise is reminiscent of a beach party at golden hour overlooking the sea. Captured on an island off the coast of Sardinia, the island's sparkling waters match the tones of the fragrance. It is characterized by crystal clear waters framed under unique rock formations, and the private island boasting incredible light and colors.

Created by master perfumer Sophie Labb, the scent is a sensual blend of floral, woody, and musk notes, paying homage to its Italian roots through the deliberate selection of Primofiore lemon and Sicilian mandarin, which comprise the top notes of the fragrance. At the heart, guava, jasmine petals, and freesia build the scent profile. Finally, the base notes is a blend of clearwood and amber, forming a woody sensuality in the dry down, a good balance between light and dark.

Not only has Versace experimented with new and innovative technology, such as combining odor molecules from the peel and flesh of the fruit to add depth to the notes, but the brand is also leading the way for sustainability in the fragrance world.

With a planet-friendly pledge to tread a little more lightly on Mother Earth, the perfume was created using quality ingredients sourced from traceable and sustainable supply chains. 85% of its raw ingredients have been certified as biodegradable.

The bottle itself is a keepsake on its own. An elegantly curved design in azure blue with signature Versace gold accents. The cap is embossed with the Medusa head and engraved with the name of the fragrance. Around the shoulder of the bottle are Baroque-style letters spelling out the brand name.

This latest iteration of the iconic VERSACE Dylan Blue fragrance family is fronted by actress Hailey Bieber, depicting an idyllic Versace beach universe inhabited by glamorous personifications of the fragrance. Dressed in aquamarine crystal mesh, the American actress exemplifies the exuberance of the fragrance's zesty notes.

Dylan Turquoise is a joyful dose of escapism. It is a scent designed to evoke your deepest wanderlust. A desire for far-off coastlines, sparkling waters, white rocks, sunlit landscapes, and powdery white sand. It is the perfect backdrop for that summer dream you've been dying to go to.

So until we can all safely travel to our dream summer destination, for now, you can close your eyes and let the fragrance's transportive power sweep you off your feet.


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