Dear you,

This is a reminder that you did a good job. It's been a tough year but you made it through. There were many challenges but you stood strong. You were worried, scared, and frustrated but you were never discouraged. You gained from your victories and learned from your mistakes. You took it one day at a time. You survived. You did a good job.

Now, it's time to reward yourself. To celebrate you and give yourself what you need the most. Big or small, only the best because you deserve it.








Take a break.




Welcome the day with a smile, a good cup of coffee, and a hearty breakfast.



Indulge in self-care.




Clear your mind and body.






It's okay to have fun.











And always remember to rest and disconnect.






Creative Producer & Writer: Stephanie Bagulbagul

Photographer: Oliver Tam

Art Director: Kevin Dexter Magno

Production Manager: Elaine Contreras

Production Designers: Mica Carreon & Claude Vizconde