A Sweet Recall

Go on a unique and poetic journey with Les Neréides' latest collection where it combines the charm and beauty of Provence gardens

Nestled in the middle of the deep canyons of Alpes de Haute Provence and the vast and blue Mediterranean Sea is the ever-vibrant beauty of Mimosa-laden paths along some of the small communes of the city of Provence in the Southeastern portion of France. The September winds would start to chill decreasing the brightness of Sunday afternoons. These warm memories can easily be recalled with little to none of what remains of the sweet flower scents along Sainté Maxime.

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Mimosas and foliage

There is a nostalgic feeling you would have while holding onto warm blankets and drinking into sips of tea. Autumn has begun along the French Riviera... But this sweet recall can come from none other than the beautiful spring day from months past.

Dressed with the warmest of all as if to hold on to it like a memoir of summer in Provence, Les Néréides' collection is nothing but keepsakes to sweet memories and what not. The sweet Mimosa paths are well-recollected with necklaces and earrings, laden with recreations of this beautiful flower. Lounge in luxury with this bright sets of accessory and lax to the warm weather.


Provence gardens are well-known with its variety of flowers. Bright-colored and momentous, the change of season is apparent with the sight of orange blossoms that sprout throughout. There is a euphoric feeling that comes with the beautiful scenario—the same kind of feeling you get when you see the orange blossom-inspired accessories.

Dressing warm this season, wearing a pair of Les Néréides Stud Earrings—embellished with dangling chains and orange blossoms—adds a little hint of bright to the dull weather. Glorifying a woman's emotions comes first with this season's style. And each accessory is made with all that love for that wonderful city of France, as reference.

Provence Garden is a collection inspired by these emotional attachments. Gold-plated brass necklaces, bracelets and earrings are glorified with the hand-enameled recreations of mimosas and orange blossoms. Each color radiates with the memory of the summer and the foliage of the spring that went by - a sweet rendezvous to warm memories and the joy of holiday get-aways.

Les néréides

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les néréides

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Photographer: Oliver Tam and Frances Ulit
Creative Director: Teej Nepomuceno
Art Director: Hans De Barras and Kevin Dexter Magno
Producer: Nana Valdueza
Stylist: Nana Valdueza
Makeup: Tin Albano
Hair: Francis Guintu
Model: Karolina Majoraviciute of Elite Model Management