Summer's thoughtfully designed and innovative infant and toddler care products have helped parents make everyday moments with their babies more special for over three decades.

summer swaddleme® muslin blankets pack of 3
SwaddleMe® Muslin Blankets Pack of 3
summer deluxe comfort folding booster seat
Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat
summer white top of stairs simple to secure metal gate
Top of Stairs Simple to Secure Metal Gate – White
summer swaddleme® kicksie™ baby jungle small
SwaddleMe® Kicksie™ – Baby Jungle (Small)
summer pink my fun potty
My Fun Potty – Pink
summer swaddleme® footsie™ – sleepy jungle
SwaddleMe® Footsie™ – Sleepy Jungle
summer total coverage piddlepad®
Total Coverage Piddlepad®
summer swaddleme® kicksie™ – woodland smiles (small)
SwaddleMe® Kicksie™ – Woodland Smiles (Small)
summer blue splish 'n splash™
Splish 'n Splash™ - Blue
summer scattered stars swaddleme® kicksie™ small
SwaddleMe® Kicksie™ – Scattered Stars (Small)
summer swaddleme® kicksie™ – lots of love (small)
SwaddleMe® Kicksie™ – Lots of Love (Small)
summer wishful whales swaddleme® footsie™
SwaddleMe® Footsie™ – Wishful Whales
summer pink my size® potty
My Size® Potty – Pink