German kitchenware brand Gefu manufactures a line of high-quality kitchen essentials like no one else, each item made from premium materials that are both resilient, safe, and affordable. 

Gefu Emilio Espresso Maker - Six Cups
Emilio Espresso Maker - Six Cups
Regular price ₱3,450.00 Sale price ₱2,415.00
gefu seguro sous vide thermometer
Seguro Sous Vide Thermometer
Regular price ₱1,450.00 Sale price ₱1,015.00
gefu brunch jam jar
Brunch Jam Jar
gefu libro cookbook holder
Libro Cookbook Holder
Regular price ₱2,650.00 Sale price ₱1,855.00
Gefu Tempere Digital Meat Thermometer
Tempere Digital Meat Thermometer
gefu marinade nozzle
Marinade Nozzle