Founded in 2001 by Franz Chen and the world's leader in porcelain art, Franz Collection combines the powers of technology, culture, and art to deliver the value of truth, kindness, and beauty.

franz collection best of the best mice salt and pepper shakers
Best of the Best Mice Salt and Pepper Shakers
franz collection van gogh white roses large vase
Van Gogh White Roses Large Vase
franz collection tropical beauty hibiscus flower ornamental basket
Tropical Beauty Hibiscus Flower Ornamental Basket
franz collection money rolling in rooster figurine
Money Rolling in Rooster Figurine
Regular price ₱39,500.00 Sale price ₱27,650.00
franz collection start a family of prosperity rooster figurine
Start a Family of Prosperity Rooster Figurine
Regular price ₱21,500.00 Sale price ₱15,050.00