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When it comes to scent and luxury, Creed is a name that comes to mind. Made from the finest perfume ingredients, its artisan scents and fragrances exude unquestioned sophistication and elegance. With over 200 years of experience, The House of Creed is one of the leading niche fragrance houses in the Philippines and in the world.

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Original, luxurious, and timeless, Creed perfumes are a symbol of the house’s drive for artistry and desire for perfection. Creed fragrances aren’t just a status symbol–it’s a piece of history bottled and commemorated.

The fragrance house establishes itself with a rich history tied to royalty and aristocracy. Founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed, the House of Creed began as a tailor of exquisite garments in London. His relocation to Paris in 1854 cemented his place as one of the most skilled perfumers in Europe.

Today, each Creed fragrance is filtered, bottled, and labeled by hand. The house maintains its tradition and keen olfactory senses with labor-intensive methods that highlight the craft and quality of each scent. Even after seven generations, Creed continues to create niche fragrances with the finest quality ingredients that perfume connoisseurs, celebrities, and modern royalty worldwide love.

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