With more than 100 years of expertise in barware industry, Barprofessional offers high-quality tools for the bartender, sommelier, and barista in the catering and hospitality industries.

bar professional bar box wood
Bar Box Wood
bar professional speakeasy parisian shaker set gold 560ml
Speakeasy Parisian Shaker Set Gold 560ml
bar professional speakeasy japanese style jigger gold 25.5/5cl
Speakeasy Japanese Style Jigger Gold 25.5/5cl
bar professional speakeasy boston shaker set gold 800ml
Speakeasy Boston Shaker Set Gold 800ml
bar professional portable beer dispenser
Portable Beer Dispenser
bar professional barista kit
Barista Kit
bar professional bar mat black rubber 30 x 45
Bar Mat Black Rubber 30 x 45
bar professional bar mat black rubber 8 x 60
Bar Mat Black Rubber 8 x 60
 barprofessional barblade opener
Barblade Opener Black Vinyl Mini
bar professional speakeasy barspoon trident gold 30cm
Speakeasy Barspoon Trident Gold 30cm
bar professional speakeasy hawthorn strainer
Speakeasy Hawthorn Strainer
bar professional speakeasy julep strainer gold
Speakeasy Julep Strainer Gold
bar professional wine thermometer
Wine Thermometer
bar professional v-blade opener with pourer remover
V-Blade Opener with Pourer Remover