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Article: Unserviceable Areas

Unserviceable Areas

Unserviceable Areas


Province City Barangay
Abra Tayum Cabaroan
Abra Tayum Patucannay
Albay Jovellar Aurora Poblacion (Barangay 6)
Albay Jovellar Bagacay
Albay Jovellar Bautista
Albay Jovellar Cabraran
Albay Jovellar Calzada Poblacion (Barangay 7)
Albay Jovellar Del Rosario
Albay Jovellar Estrella
Albay Jovellar Florista
Albay Jovellar Mabini Poblacion (Barangay 2)
Albay Jovellar Magsaysay Poblacion (Barangay 4)
Albay Jovellar Mamlad
Albay Jovellar Mercado Poblacion (Barangay 5)
Albay Jovellar Plaza Poblacion (Barangay 3)
Albay Jovellar Quitinday Poblacion (Barangay 8)
Albay Jovellar Rizal Poblacion (Barangay 1)
Albay Jovellar Salvacion
Albay Jovellar San Isidro
Albay Jovellar San Roque
Albay Jovellar San Vicente
Albay Jovellar Sinagaran
Albay Jovellar Villa Paz
Albay Jovellar White Deer Poblacion (Barangay 9)
Albay Libon Alongong
Albay Libon Apud
Albay Libon Bariw
Albay Libon Bonbon
Albay Libon Buga
Albay Libon Bulusan
Albay Libon Burabod
Albay Libon Caguscos
Albay Libon East Carisac
Albay Libon Harigue
Albay Libon Libtong
Albay Libon Linao
Albay Libon Mabayawas
Albay Libon Macabugos
Albay Libon Magallang
Albay Libon Malabiga
Albay Libon Matara
Albay Libon Molosbolos
Albay Libon Natasan
Albay Libon Nogpo
Albay Libon Pantao
Albay Libon Rawis
Albay Libon Sagrada Familia
Albay Libon Salvacion
Albay Libon Sampongan
Albay Libon San Agustin
Albay Libon San Jose
Albay Libon San Pascual
Albay Libon San Ramon
Albay Libon San Vicente
Albay Libon Santa Cruz
Albay Libon Talin-talin
Albay Libon Talin-Talin
Albay Libon Tambo
Albay Libon Villa Petrona
Albay Libon West Carisac
Albay Manito Balabagon
Albay Manito Balasbas
Albay Manito Bamban
Albay Manito Cabit
Albay Manito Holugan
Albay Manito Nagotgot
Albay Pio Duran Agol
Albay Pio Duran Alabangpuro
Albay Pio Duran Barangay 1
Albay Pio Duran Barangay 2
Albay Pio Duran Barangay 3
Albay Pio Duran Barangay 4
Albay Pio Duran Barangay 5
Albay Pio Duran Basicao Coastal
Albay Pio Duran Basicao Interior
Albay Pio Duran Binodegahan
Albay Pio Duran Buenavista
Albay Pio Duran Buyo
Albay Pio Duran Caratagan
Albay Pio Duran Cuyaoyao
Albay Pio Duran Flores
Albay Pio Duran La Medalla
Albay Pio Duran Lawinon
Albay Pio Duran Macasitas
Albay Pio Duran Malapay
Albay Pio Duran Malidong
Albay Pio Duran Mamlad
Albay Pio Duran Marigondon
Albay Pio Duran Matanglad
Albay Pio Duran Nablangbulod
Albay Pio Duran Oringon
Albay Pio Duran Panganiran
Albay Pio Duran Rawis
Albay Pio Duran Salvacion
Albay Pio Duran Santo Cristo
Albay Pio Duran Sukip
Albay Pio Duran Tibabo
Albay Rapu-Rapu All barangays
Albay Tiwi Bagumbayan
Albay Tiwi Bariis
Albay Tiwi Biyong
Albay Tiwi Bolo
Albay Tiwi Cale
Albay Tiwi Cararayan
Albay Tiwi Coro-coro
Albay Tiwi Coro-Coro
Albay Tiwi Dap-dap
Albay Tiwi Dap-Dap
Albay Tiwi Gajo
Albay Tiwi Joroan
Albay Tiwi Libjo
Albay Tiwi Libtong
Albay Tiwi Matalibong
Albay Tiwi Maynonong
Albay Tiwi Mayong
Albay Tiwi Misibis
Albay Tiwi Naga
Albay Tiwi Oyama
Albay Tiwi Putsan
Albay Tiwi San Bernardo
Albay Tiwi Sogod
Apayao Conner All barangays
Apayao Kabugao All barangays
Aurora Dipaculao Calaocan
Aurora Dipaculao Diamanen
Aurora Dipaculao Dianed
Aurora Dipaculao Dimabuno
Aurora Dipaculao Sapangkawayan
Aurora Maria Aurora Cadayacan
Aurora San Luis Diteki
Aurora San Luis L. Pimentel
Batanes Itbayat All barangays
Batanes Sabtang All barangays
Batangas Tingloy All barangays
Bulacan Obando Binuangan
Cagayan Calayan All barangays
Cagayan Rizal Anagguan
Cagayan Rizal Anungu
Cagayan Rizal Anurturu
Cagayan Rizal Balungcanag
Cagayan Rizal Battut
Cagayan Rizal Batu
Cagayan Rizal Bural (Zinundungan)
Cagayan Rizal Cambabangan
Cagayan Rizal Capacuan
Cagayan Rizal Dunggan
Cagayan Rizal Duyun
Cagayan Rizal Gaddangao
Cagayan Rizal Gaggabutan East
Cagayan Rizal Gaggabutan West
Cagayan Rizal Illuru Norte
Cagayan Rizal Illuru Sur
Cagayan Rizal Lattut
Cagayan Rizal Linno Villa Cruz
Cagayan Rizal Liwan
Cagayan Rizal Mabbang
Cagayan Rizal Mauanan
Cagayan Rizal Minanga
Cagayan Rizal Nanauatan
Cagayan Rizal Nanungaran
Cagayan Rizal Pasingan
Cagayan Rizal Poblacion
Cagayan Rizal San Juan (Zinundungan)
Cagayan Rizal Sinicking
Camarines Norte Capalonga All barangays
Camarines Norte Jose Panganiban Dahican
Camarines Norte Jose Panganiban Dayhagan
Camarines Norte Labo Cabatuhan
Camarines Norte Labo Malaya
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Bulala
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Don Tomas
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Guitol
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Kabuluan
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Kagtalaba
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Maulawin
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Patag Ibaba
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Patag Iraya
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Plaridel
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Polungguitguit
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Rizal
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Salvacion
Camarines Norte Santa Elena San Lorenzo
Camarines Norte Santa Elena San Pedro
Camarines Norte Santa Elena San Vicente
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Santa Elena
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Tabugon
Camarines Norte Santa Elena Villa San Isidro
Camarines Sur Lupi Alleomar
Camarines Sur Lupi Casay
Camarines Sur Lupi Napolidan
Camarines Sur Lupi San Ramon
Camarines Sur Lupi Tible
Camarines Sur Minalabac Hamoraon
Camarines Sur Siruma Salvacion
Camarines Sur Tinambac Canayonan
Camarines Sur Tinambac Cawaynan
Camarines Sur Tinambac Lupi
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Antipolo
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Bacak
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Bagatabao
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Bugao
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Cahan
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Hinipaan
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Magsaysay
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Poblacion
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Quezon
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Quigaray
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Sagrada
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Salvacion
Catanduanes Bagamanoc San Isidro
Catanduanes Bagamanoc San Rafael
Catanduanes Bagamanoc San Vicente
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Santa Mesa
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Santa Teresa
Catanduanes Bagamanoc Suchan
Catanduanes Baras All barangays
Catanduanes Bato Aroyao Pequeño
Catanduanes Bato Bagumbayan
Catanduanes Bato Batalay
Catanduanes Bato Bote
Catanduanes Bato Buenavista
Catanduanes Bato Cagraray
Catanduanes Bato Carorian
Catanduanes Bato Libjo
Catanduanes Bato Mintay
Catanduanes Bato Oguis
Catanduanes Bato Pananaogan
Catanduanes Bato San Andres
Catanduanes Bato San Pedro
Catanduanes Bato San Roque
Catanduanes Bato Santa Isabel
Catanduanes Bato Sibacungan
Catanduanes Bato Talisay
Catanduanes Bato Tilis
Catanduanes Caramoran Bocon
Catanduanes Caramoran Bothoan
Catanduanes Caramoran Buenavista
Catanduanes Caramoran Bulalacao
Catanduanes Caramoran Camburo
Catanduanes Caramoran Dariao
Catanduanes Caramoran Datag East
Catanduanes Caramoran Datag West
Catanduanes Caramoran Guiamlong
Catanduanes Caramoran Hitoma
Catanduanes Caramoran Icanbato
Catanduanes Caramoran Inalmasinan
Catanduanes Caramoran Iyao
Catanduanes Caramoran Mabini
Catanduanes Caramoran Maui
Catanduanes Caramoran Maysuran
Catanduanes Caramoran Milaviga
Catanduanes Caramoran Obi
Catanduanes Caramoran Panique
Catanduanes Caramoran Sabangan
Catanduanes Caramoran Sabloyon
Catanduanes Caramoran Salvacion
Catanduanes Caramoran Supang
Catanduanes Caramoran Toytoy
Catanduanes Caramoran Tubli
Catanduanes Caramoran Tucao
Catanduanes Gigmoto All barangays
Catanduanes Pandan Bagawang
Catanduanes Pandan Baldoc
Catanduanes Pandan Canlubi
Catanduanes Pandan Catamban
Catanduanes Pandan Cobo
Catanduanes Pandan Hiyop
Catanduanes Pandan Libod
Catanduanes Pandan Lourdes
Catanduanes Pandan Lumabao
Catanduanes Pandan Marambong
Catanduanes Pandan Napo
Catanduanes Pandan Oga
Catanduanes Pandan Pandan Del Norte
Catanduanes Pandan Pandan Del Sur
Catanduanes Pandan Panuto
Catanduanes Pandan Porot (San Jose)
Catanduanes Pandan San Andres (Dinungsuran)
Catanduanes Pandan San Isidro (Langob)
Catanduanes Pandan San Rafael (Bogtong)
Catanduanes Pandan San Roque
Catanduanes Pandan Santa Cruz (Catagbacan)
Catanduanes Pandan Tabugoc
Catanduanes Pandan Wagdas
Catanduanes San Miguel All barangays
Catanduanes Viga Almojuela
Catanduanes Viga Ananong
Catanduanes Viga Asuncion
Catanduanes Viga Batohonan
Catanduanes Viga Begonia
Catanduanes Viga Botinagan
Catanduanes Viga Buenavista
Catanduanes Viga Burgos
Catanduanes Viga Del Pilar
Catanduanes Viga Mabini
Catanduanes Viga Magsaysay
Catanduanes Viga Ogbong
Catanduanes Viga Osmeña
Catanduanes Viga Pedro Vera (Summit)
Catanduanes Viga Quezon
Catanduanes Viga Quirino (Abugan)
Catanduanes Viga Rizal
Catanduanes Viga Roxas
Catanduanes Viga Sagrada
Catanduanes Viga San Isidro
Catanduanes Viga San Jose Oco
Catanduanes Viga San Jose Poblacion
Catanduanes Viga San Pedro
Catanduanes Viga San Roque
Catanduanes Viga San Vicente
Catanduanes Viga Santa Rosa
Catanduanes Viga Soboc
Catanduanes Viga Tambongon
Catanduanes Viga Tinago
Catanduanes Viga Villa Aurora
Catanduanes Virac Buyo
Catanduanes Virac Calampong
Catanduanes Virac Dugui San Isidro
Catanduanes Virac Dugui San Vicente
Catanduanes Virac Dugui Too
Catanduanes Virac Juan M. Alberto (Poniton)
Catanduanes Virac Talisoy
Catanduanes Virac Tubaon
Ifugao Tinoc All barangays
Ilocos Sur Alilem All barangays
Ilocos Sur Cervantes Aluling
Ilocos Sur Cervantes Comillas North
Ilocos Sur Cervantes Concepion Poblacion
Ilocos Sur Cervantes Dinwede East
Ilocos Sur Cervantes Dinwede West
Ilocos Sur Cervantes Libang
Ilocos Sur Cervantes Malaya
Ilocos Sur Cervantes Pilipil
Ilocos Sur Cervantes Remedios
Ilocos Sur Cervantes Rosario Poblacion
Ilocos Sur Cervantes San Juan
Ilocos Sur Cervantes San Luis
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Balaweg
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Bandril
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Bantugo
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Cadacad
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Casilagan
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Casocos
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Lapting
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Mapisi
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Poblacion East
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Poblacion West
Ilocos Sur Nagbukel Taleb
Ilocos Sur San Emilio All barangays
Ilocos Sur Sigay All barangays
Ilocos Sur Sugpon All barangays
Ilocos Sur Suyo All barangays
Isabela Aurora Villa Fugu
Isabela Cordon Taliktik
Isabela Dinapigue All barangays
Isabela Echague Babaran
Isabela Echague Narra
Isabela Echague Pag-asa
Isabela Echague Pag-Asa
Isabela Maconacon All barangays
Kalinga Balbalan All barangays
Kalinga Lubuagan All barangays
Kalinga Pasil All barangays
Kalinga Pinukpuk All barangays
Kalinga Tanudan All barangays
Kalinga Tinglayan All barangays
Laguna Calamba Bunggo
Laguna Calamba Kay-Anlog
Marinduque Boac Bayuti
Marinduque Boac Binunga
Marinduque Boac Canat
Marinduque Boac Hinapulan
Marinduque Boac Sabong
Marinduque Boac Tambunan
Marinduque Boac Tumagabok
Marinduque Mogpog Mendez
Marinduque Mogpog Puting Buhangin
Marinduque Mogpog Sayao
Masbate Aroroy All barangays
Masbate Baleno All barangays
Masbate Balud Baybay
Masbate Balud Bongcanaway
Masbate Balud Calumpang
Masbate Balud Cantil
Masbate Balud Casamongan
Masbate Balud Danao
Masbate Balud Dao
Masbate Balud Guinbanwahan
Masbate Balud Ilaya
Masbate Balud Jangan
Masbate Balud Jintotolo
Masbate Balud Mabuhay
Masbate Balud Mapili
Masbate Balud Mapitogo
Masbate Balud Pajo
Masbate Balud Palane
Masbate Balud Panguiranan
Masbate Balud Panubigan
Masbate Balud Poblacion (Balud)
Masbate Balud Pulanduta
Masbate Balud Salvacion
Masbate Balud Sampad
Masbate Balud San Antonio
Masbate Balud Sapatos
Masbate Balud Talisay
Masbate Balud Tonga
Masbate Balud Ubo
Masbate Balud Victory
Masbate Balud Villa Alvarez
Masbate Batuan Burgos
Masbate Batuan Canares
Masbate Batuan Costa Rica
Masbate Batuan Danao
Masbate Batuan Gibraltar
Masbate Batuan Mabuhay
Masbate Batuan Matabao
Masbate Batuan Nasandig
Masbate Batuan Panisihan
Masbate Batuan Poblacion
Masbate Batuan Rizal
Masbate Batuan Royroy
Masbate Batuan Sawang
Masbate Cataingan All barangays
Masbate Cawayan Begia
Masbate Cawayan Cabayugan
Masbate Cawayan Cabungahan
Masbate Cawayan Calapayan
Masbate Cawayan Calumpang
Masbate Cawayan Chico Island
Masbate Cawayan Dalipe
Masbate Cawayan Divisoria
Masbate Cawayan Gilotongan
Masbate Cawayan Guiom
Masbate Cawayan Iraya
Masbate Cawayan Itombato
Masbate Cawayan Lague-lague
Masbate Cawayan Lague-Lague
Masbate Cawayan Libertad
Masbate Cawayan Looc
Masbate Cawayan Mactan
Masbate Cawayan Madbad
Masbate Cawayan Mahayahay
Masbate Cawayan Maihao
Masbate Cawayan Malbug
Masbate Cawayan Naro
Masbate Cawayan Palobandera
Masbate Cawayan Pananawan
Masbate Cawayan Pin-As
Masbate Cawayan Poblacion
Masbate Cawayan Pulot
Masbate Cawayan Punta Batsan
Masbate Cawayan R.M. Mabalon
Masbate Cawayan Recodo
Masbate Cawayan San Jose
Masbate Cawayan San Vicente
Masbate Cawayan Taberna
Masbate Cawayan Talisay
Masbate Cawayan Tubog
Masbate Cawayan Tuburan
Masbate Cawayan Villahermosa
Masbate Claveria Albasan
Masbate Claveria Buyo
Masbate Claveria Calpi
Masbate Claveria Canomay
Masbate Claveria Cawayan
Masbate Claveria Imelda
Masbate Claveria Mababang Baybay
Masbate Claveria Mabiton
Masbate Claveria Manapao
Masbate Claveria Nabasagan
Masbate Claveria Nonoc
Masbate Claveria Osmeña
Masbate Claveria Pasig
Masbate Claveria Poblacion District I
Masbate Claveria Poblacion District II
Masbate Claveria Poblacion District Ii
Masbate Claveria Quezon
Masbate Claveria San Isidro
Masbate Claveria San Ramon
Masbate Claveria San Vicente
Masbate Claveria Taguilid
Masbate Dimasalang Balantay
Masbate Dimasalang Balocawe
Masbate Dimasalang Banahao
Masbate Dimasalang Buenaflor
Masbate Dimasalang Buracan
Masbate Dimasalang Cabanoyoan
Masbate Dimasalang Cabrera
Masbate Dimasalang Cadulan
Masbate Dimasalang Calabad
Masbate Dimasalang Canomay
Masbate Dimasalang Divisoria
Masbate Dimasalang Gaid
Masbate Dimasalang Gregorio Alino
Masbate Dimasalang Magcaraguit
Masbate Dimasalang Mambog
Masbate Dimasalang Poblacion
Masbate Dimasalang Rizal
Masbate Dimasalang San Vicente
Masbate Dimasalang T.R. Yangco
Masbate Esperanza All barangays
Masbate Mandaon All barangays
Masbate Milagros Bangad
Masbate Milagros Bara
Masbate Milagros Bonbon
Masbate Milagros Calasuche
Masbate Milagros Calumpang
Masbate Milagros Capaculan
Masbate Milagros Guinluthangan
Masbate Milagros Jamorawon
Masbate Milagros Magsalangi
Masbate Milagros Matagbac
Masbate Milagros Matanglad
Masbate Milagros Matiporon
Masbate Milagros Moises R. Espinosa
Masbate Milagros Narangasan
Masbate Milagros Pamangpangon
Masbate Milagros San Antonio
Masbate Milagros San Carlos
Masbate Milagros Sawmill
Masbate Milagros Tagbon
Masbate Milagros Tigbao
Masbate Mobo Baang
Masbate Mobo Barag
Masbate Mobo Fabrica
Masbate Mobo Guintorelan
Masbate Mobo Lomocloc
Masbate Mobo Mabuhay
Masbate Mobo Mandali
Masbate Mobo Mapuyo
Masbate Mobo Pinamalatican
Masbate Mobo Polot
Masbate Mobo Sambulawan
Masbate Mobo Santa Maria
Masbate Mobo Sawmill
Masbate Mobo Tugawe
Masbate Mobo Umabay Interior
Masbate Monreal Cantorna
Masbate Monreal Famosa
Masbate Monreal Guinhadap
Masbate Monreal Macarthur
Masbate Monreal Maglambong
Masbate Monreal Morocborocan
Masbate Monreal Poblacion
Masbate Monreal Real
Masbate Monreal Santo Niño
Masbate Monreal Togoron
Masbate Palanas Antipolo
Masbate Palanas Banco
Masbate Palanas Biga-a
Masbate Palanas Biga-A
Masbate Palanas Bontod
Masbate Palanas Buenasuerte
Masbate Palanas Maanahao
Masbate Palanas Mabini
Masbate Palanas Malatawan
Masbate Palanas Malibas
Masbate Palanas Matugnao
Masbate Palanas Miabas
Masbate Palanas Nabangig
Masbate Palanas Nipa
Masbate Palanas Parina
Masbate Palanas Poblacion
Masbate Palanas Salvacion
Masbate Palanas San Antonio
Masbate Palanas San Carlos
Masbate Palanas San Isidro
Masbate Palanas Santa Cruz
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Alegria
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Buenasuerte
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Bugang
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Bugtong
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Bunducan
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Cabangrayan
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Calongongan
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Casabangan
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Guindawahan
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Labigan
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Lampuyang
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Mabuhay
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Palho
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Poblacion
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Salvacion
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Tubigan
Masbate Pio V. Corpuz Tubog
Masbate Placer Aguada
Masbate Placer Ban-Ao
Masbate Placer Burabod
Masbate Placer Cabangcalan
Masbate Placer Calumpang
Masbate Placer Camayabsan
Masbate Placer Daanlungsod
Masbate Placer Dangpanan
Masbate Placer Daraga
Masbate Placer Guin-Awayan
Masbate Placer Guinhan-Ayan
Masbate Placer Katipunan
Masbate Placer Libas
Masbate Placer Locso-An
Masbate Placer Luna
Masbate Placer Mahayag
Masbate Placer Mahayahay
Masbate Placer Manlut-Od
Masbate Placer Matagantang
Masbate Placer Naboctot
Masbate Placer Nagarao
Masbate Placer Nainday
Masbate Placer Naocondiot
Masbate Placer Pasiagon
Masbate Placer Pili
Masbate Placer Poblacion
Masbate Placer Puro
Masbate Placer San Marcos
Masbate Placer Santa Cruz
Masbate Placer Taboc
Masbate Placer Tan-Awan
Masbate Placer Taverna
Masbate Placer Tubod
Masbate Placer Villa Inocencio
Masbate San Fernando All barangays
Masbate San Jacinto Bagacay
Masbate San Jacinto Bagahanglad
Masbate San Jacinto Bartolabac
Masbate San Jacinto Burgos
Masbate San Jacinto Calipat-An
Masbate San Jacinto Danao
Masbate San Jacinto Interior
Masbate San Jacinto Jagna-an
Masbate San Jacinto Jagna-An
Masbate San Jacinto Luna
Masbate San Jacinto Mabini
Masbate San Jacinto Roosevelt
Masbate San Jacinto San Isidro
Masbate San Jacinto Santa Rosa
Masbate San Jacinto Washington
Masbate San Pascual Boca Chica
Masbate San Pascual Busing
Masbate San Pascual Cueva
Masbate San Pascual Dangcalan
Masbate San Pascual Halabangbaybay
Masbate San Pascual Iniwaran
Masbate San Pascual Laurente
Masbate San Pascual Mabini
Masbate San Pascual Mabuhay
Masbate San Pascual Malaking Ilog
Masbate San Pascual Mapanique
Masbate San Pascual Nazareno
Masbate San Pascual Pinamasingan
Masbate San Pascual Quintina
Masbate San Pascual San Jose
Masbate San Pascual San Pedro
Masbate San Pascual San Rafael
Masbate San Pascual Santa Cruz
Masbate Uson Arado
Masbate Uson Armenia
Masbate Uson Aurora
Masbate Uson Bonifacio
Masbate Uson Buenasuerte
Masbate Uson Buenavista
Masbate Uson Campana
Masbate Uson Candelaria
Masbate Uson Centro
Masbate Uson Crossing
Masbate Uson Del Carmen
Masbate Uson Del Rosario
Masbate Uson Libertad
Masbate Uson Mabini
Masbate Uson Mabuhay
Masbate Uson Madao
Masbate Uson Magsaysay
Masbate Uson Marcella
Masbate Uson Miaga
Masbate Uson Mongahay
Masbate Uson Morocborocan
Masbate Uson Paguihaman
Masbate Uson Panicijan
Masbate Uson Poblacion
Masbate Uson Quezon
Masbate Uson San Isidro
Masbate Uson San Jose
Masbate Uson San Mateo
Masbate Uson San Ramon
Masbate Uson San Vicente
Masbate Uson Santo Cristo
Masbate Uson Sawang
Masbate Uson Simawa
Nueva Vizcaya Alfonso Castaneda Abuyo
Nueva Vizcaya Alfonso Castaneda Cauayan
Nueva Vizcaya Alfonso Castaneda Galintuja
Nueva Vizcaya Alfonso Castaneda Lipuga
Nueva Vizcaya Alfonso Castaneda Pelaway
Occidental Mindoro Abra de Ilog Armado
Occidental Mindoro Abra De Ilog Armado
Occidental Mindoro Abra de Ilog Balao
Occidental Mindoro Abra De Ilog Balao
Occidental Mindoro Abra de Ilog Cabacao
Occidental Mindoro Abra De Ilog Cabacao
Occidental Mindoro Abra de Ilog Lumangbayan
Occidental Mindoro Abra De Ilog Lumangbayan
Occidental Mindoro Abra de Ilog Poblacion
Occidental Mindoro Abra De Ilog Poblacion
Occidental Mindoro Abra de Ilog San Vicente
Occidental Mindoro Abra De Ilog San Vicente
Occidental Mindoro Abra de Ilog Tibag
Occidental Mindoro Abra De Ilog Tibag
Occidental Mindoro Abra de Ilog Wawa
Occidental Mindoro Abra De Ilog Wawa
Occidental Mindoro Calintaan Concepcion
Occidental Mindoro Calintaan Iriron
Occidental Mindoro Calintaan Malpalon
Occidental Mindoro Calintaan Poypoy
Occidental Mindoro Calintaan Tanyag
Occidental Mindoro Looc Agkawayan
Occidental Mindoro Looc Ambil
Occidental Mindoro Looc Balikyas
Occidental Mindoro Looc Bulacan
Occidental Mindoro Looc Burol
Occidental Mindoro Looc Talaotao
Occidental Mindoro Lubang Binakas
Occidental Mindoro Lubang Cabra
Occidental Mindoro Lubang Maligaya
Occidental Mindoro Lubang Maliig
Occidental Mindoro Lubang Tagbac
Occidental Mindoro Lubang Tangal
Occidental Mindoro Lubang Tilik
Occidental Mindoro Lubang Vigo
Occidental Mindoro Magsaysay Alibog
Occidental Mindoro Magsaysay Caguray
Occidental Mindoro Magsaysay Calawag
Occidental Mindoro Magsaysay Gapasan
Occidental Mindoro Magsaysay Laste
Occidental Mindoro Magsaysay Lourdes
Occidental Mindoro Magsaysay Paclolo
Occidental Mindoro Magsaysay Santa Teresa
Occidental Mindoro Magsaysay Sibalat
Occidental Mindoro Mamburao Payompon
Occidental Mindoro Mamburao Tangkalan
Occidental Mindoro Paluan Alipaoy
Occidental Mindoro Paluan Harrison
Occidental Mindoro Paluan Lumangbayan
Occidental Mindoro Paluan Mananao
Occidental Mindoro Paluan Marikit
Occidental Mindoro Paluan Tubili
Occidental Mindoro Rizal Aguas
Occidental Mindoro Rizal Manoot
Occidental Mindoro Rizal Pitogo
Occidental Mindoro Rizal Rizal
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Batong Buhay
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Burgos
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Claudio Salgado
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan General Emilio Aguinaldo
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Ilvita
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Lagnas
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Ligaya
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Malisbong
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Paetan
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Pag-asa
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Pag-Asa
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan San Agustin
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan San Francisco
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan San Nicolas
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Tagumpay
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Tuban
Occidental Mindoro Sablayan Victoria
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Ambulong
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Ansiray
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Batasan
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Buri
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Catayungan
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Iling Proper
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Inasakan
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Ipil
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Monte Claro
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Murtha
Occidental Mindoro San Jose Natandol
Occidental Mindoro San Jose San Agustin
Occidental Mindoro San Jose San Isidro
Occidental Mindoro Santa Cruz Alacaak
Occidental Mindoro Santa Cruz Barahan
Occidental Mindoro Santa Cruz Casague
Occidental Mindoro Santa Cruz Dayap
Occidental Mindoro Santa Cruz Kurtinganan
Occidental Mindoro Santa Cruz Lumangbayan
Occidental Mindoro Santa Cruz Mulawin
Occidental Mindoro Santa Cruz San Vicente
Palawan Busuanga Bogtong
Palawan Busuanga Buluang
Palawan Busuanga Salvacion
Palawan Coron Bintuan
Palawan Coron Borac
Palawan Coron Buenavista
Palawan Coron Decabobo
Palawan Coron Decalachao
Pampanga Apalit Balucuc
Pampanga Apalit Calantipe
Pampanga Arayat Candating
Pampanga Candaba Mapaniqui
Pampanga Candaba Pangclara
Pampanga Candaba Salapungan
Pampanga Candaba Vizal San Pablo
Pampanga Candaba Vizal Santo Cristo
Pampanga Floridablanca Mawacat
Pampanga Floridablanca San Ramon
Pampanga San Simon Concepcion
Pangasinan Binmaley Pototan
Pangasinan Infanta Babuyan
Pangasinan Infanta Bamban
Pangasinan Infanta Doliman
Pangasinan Infanta Nangalisan
Pangasinan Infanta Pita
Pangasinan Infanta Potol
Pangasinan San Nicolas Bensican
Pangasinan San Nicolas Cabitnongan
Pangasinan San Nicolas Caboloan
Pangasinan San Nicolas Cacabugaoan
Pangasinan San Nicolas Calanutian
Pangasinan San Nicolas Calaocan
Pangasinan San Nicolas Camanggaan
Pangasinan San Nicolas Camindoroan
Pangasinan San Nicolas Dalumpinas
Pangasinan San Nicolas Fianza
Pangasinan San Nicolas Lungao
Pangasinan San Nicolas Malico
Pangasinan San Nicolas Malilion
Pangasinan San Nicolas Nagkaysa
Pangasinan San Nicolas Nining
Pangasinan San Nicolas Salingcob
Pangasinan San Nicolas Salpad
Pangasinan San Nicolas San Felipe East
Pangasinan San Nicolas San Felipe West
Pangasinan San Nicolas San Jose
Pangasinan San Nicolas San Rafael Centro
Pangasinan San Nicolas San Rafael East
Pangasinan San Nicolas San Rafael West
Pangasinan San Nicolas Santa Maria East
Pangasinan San Nicolas Santa Maria West
Pangasinan San Nicolas Santo Tomas
Pangasinan San Nicolas Siblot
Pangasinan San Nicolas Sobol
Quezon Alabat Angeles
Quezon Alabat Bacong
Quezon Alabat Balungay
Quezon Alabat Buenavista
Quezon Alabat Caglate
Quezon Alabat Camagong
Quezon Alabat Gordon
Quezon Alabat Pambilan Norte
Quezon Alabat Pambilan Sur
Quezon Alabat Villa Esperanza
Quezon Alabat Villa Jesus Este
Quezon Alabat Villa Norte
Quezon Alabat Villa Victoria
Quezon Buenavista Bagong Silang
Quezon Buenavista Batabat Norte
Quezon Buenavista Batabat Sur
Quezon Buenavista Buenavista
Quezon Buenavista Bukal
Quezon Buenavista Bulo
Quezon Buenavista Cabong
Quezon Buenavista Cadlit
Quezon Buenavista Catulin
Quezon Buenavista Cawa
Quezon Buenavista Del Rosario
Quezon Buenavista Hagonghong
Quezon Buenavista Ibabang Wasay
Quezon Buenavista Ilayang Wasay
Quezon Buenavista Lilukin
Quezon Buenavista Mabini
Quezon Buenavista Mabutag
Quezon Buenavista Magallanes
Quezon Buenavista Masaya
Quezon Buenavista Poblacion
Quezon Buenavista Rizal
Quezon Buenavista Sabang Pinamasagan
Quezon Buenavista Sabang Piris
Quezon Buenavista San Diego
Quezon Buenavista San Isidro Ibaba
Quezon Buenavista San Isidro Ilaya
Quezon Buenavista San Pablo
Quezon Buenavista San Vicente
Quezon Buenavista Siain
Quezon Buenavista Villa Aurora
Quezon Buenavista Villa Magsaysay
Quezon Buenavista Villa Veronica
Quezon Burdeos Aluyon
Quezon Burdeos Amot
Quezon Burdeos Anibawan
Quezon Burdeos Bonifacio
Quezon Burdeos Cabugao
Quezon Burdeos Cabungalunan
Quezon Burdeos Calutcot
Quezon Burdeos Caniwan
Quezon Burdeos Mabini
Quezon Burdeos Palasan
Quezon Burdeos Poblacion
Quezon Burdeos San Rafael
Quezon Jomalig Apad
Quezon Jomalig Bukal
Quezon Jomalig Casuguran
Quezon Jomalig Gango
Quezon Mauban Cagbalete II
Quezon Mauban Cagbalete Ii
Quezon Panukulan Balungay
Quezon Panukulan Bato
Quezon Panukulan Bonbon
Quezon Panukulan Calasumanga
Quezon Panukulan Kinalagti
Quezon Panukulan Libo
Quezon Panukulan Lipata
Quezon Panukulan Matangkap
Quezon Panukulan Milawid
Quezon Panukulan Pagitan
Quezon Panukulan Pandan
Quezon Patnanungan Amaga
Quezon Patnanungan Busdak
Quezon Patnanungan Kilogan
Quezon Patnanungan Luod
Quezon Patnanungan Patnanungan Norte
Quezon Perez Maabot
Quezon Perez Mainit Norte
Quezon Perez Mainit Sur
Quezon Perez Pambuhan
Quezon Perez Pinagtubigan Este
Quezon Perez Pinagtubigan Weste
Quezon Perez Rizal
Quezon Perez Sangirin
Quezon Perez Villamanzano Norte
Quezon Perez Villamanzano Sur
Quezon Quezon Apad
Quezon Quezon Argosino
Quezon Quezon Barangay 1
Quezon Quezon Barangay 2
Quezon Quezon Barangay 3
Quezon Quezon Barangay 4
Quezon Quezon Barangay 5
Quezon Quezon Cagbalogo
Quezon Quezon Caridad
Quezon Quezon Cometa
Quezon Quezon Del Pilar
Quezon Quezon Guinhawa
Quezon Quezon Gumubat
Quezon Quezon Magsino
Quezon Quezon Sabang
Quezon Quezon Silangan
Quezon Quezon Tagkawa
Quezon Quezon Villa Belen
Quezon Quezon Villa Francia
Quezon Quezon Villa Gomez
Quezon Tagkawayan Aldavoc
Quezon Tagkawayan Aliji
Quezon Tagkawayan Bagong Silang
Quezon Tagkawayan Bamban
Quezon Tagkawayan Bosigon
Quezon Tagkawayan Bukal
Quezon Tagkawayan Cabibihan
Quezon Tagkawayan Cabugwang
Quezon Tagkawayan Cagascas
Quezon Tagkawayan Candalapdap
Quezon Tagkawayan Casispalan
Quezon Tagkawayan Colong-colong
Quezon Tagkawayan Colong-Colong
Quezon Tagkawayan Del Rosario
Quezon Tagkawayan Katimo
Quezon Tagkawayan Kinatakutan
Quezon Tagkawayan Laurel
Quezon Tagkawayan Magsaysay
Quezon Tagkawayan Maguibuay
Quezon Tagkawayan Mahinta
Quezon Tagkawayan Malbog
Quezon Tagkawayan Manato Central
Quezon Tagkawayan Manato Station
Quezon Tagkawayan Mangayao
Quezon Tagkawayan Mansilay
Quezon Tagkawayan Mapulot
Quezon Tagkawayan Munting Parang
Quezon Tagkawayan Payapa
Quezon Tagkawayan Poblacion
Quezon Tagkawayan Rizal
Quezon Tagkawayan Sabang
Quezon Tagkawayan San Diego
Quezon Tagkawayan San Francisco
Quezon Tagkawayan San Isidro
Quezon Tagkawayan San Roque
Quezon Tagkawayan San Vicente
Quezon Tagkawayan Santa Cecilia
Quezon Tagkawayan Santa Monica
Quezon Tagkawayan Santo Niño II
Quezon Tagkawayan Santo Niño Ii
Quezon Tagkawayan Santo Tomas
Quezon Tagkawayan Seguiwan
Quezon Tagkawayan Tabason
Quezon Tagkawayan Tunton
Quezon Tagkawayan Victoria
Quirino Diffun Baguio Village
Quirino Diffun Don Faustino Pagaduan
Quirino Diffun Doña Imelda
Quirino Diffun Gregorio Pimentel
Quirino Diffun Makate
Quirino Diffun Rafael Palma (Don Sergio Osmeña)
Quirino Maddela San Dionisio I
Quirino Nagtipunan Anak
Quirino Nagtipunan Asaklat
Rizal Binangonan Bangad
Rizal Binangonan Binitagan
Rizal Binangonan Bombong
Rizal Binangonan Buhangin
Rizal Binangonan Ginoong Sanay
Rizal Binangonan Gulod
Rizal Binangonan Habagatan
Rizal Binangonan Janosa
Rizal Binangonan Kasile
Rizal Binangonan Kinagatan
Rizal Binangonan Malakaban
Rizal Binangonan Pinagdilawan
Rizal Binangonan Pipindan
Rizal Binangonan Sapang
Rizal Binangonan Tabon
Rizal Cardona Balibago
Rizal Cardona Boor
Rizal Cardona Lambac
Rizal Cardona Malanggam-Calubacan
Rizal Cardona Navotas
Rizal Cardona Subay
Rizal Cardona Tuna
Romblon Alcantara Bagsik
Romblon Alcantara Calagonsao
Romblon Alcantara Camili
Romblon Alcantara Camod-Om
Romblon Banton All barangays
Romblon Cajidiocan All barangays
Romblon Calatrava All barangays
Romblon Concepcion All barangays
Romblon Corcuera All barangays
Romblon Ferrol All barangays
Romblon Looc Agojo
Romblon Looc Balatucan
Romblon Looc Buenavista
Romblon Looc Camandao
Romblon Looc Manhac
Romblon Looc Pili
Romblon Looc Tuguis
Romblon Magdiwang All barangays
Romblon Odiongan Amatong
Romblon Odiongan Gabawan
Romblon Odiongan Pato-o
Romblon Odiongan Pato-O
Romblon Odiongan Progreso Este
Romblon Odiongan Progreso Weste
Romblon Odiongan Tabobo-an
Romblon Odiongan Tabobo-An
Romblon Odiongan Tumingad
Romblon Romblon Agbaluto
Romblon Romblon Agbudia
Romblon Romblon Agnaga
Romblon Romblon Agnipa
Romblon Romblon Agpanabat
Romblon Romblon Agtongo
Romblon Romblon Alad
Romblon Romblon Calabogo
Romblon Romblon Cobrador
Romblon Romblon Ginablan
Romblon Romblon Guimpingan
Romblon Romblon Ilauran
Romblon Romblon Lamao
Romblon Romblon Logbon
Romblon Romblon Lunas
Romblon Romblon Macalas
Romblon Romblon Sablayan
Romblon Romblon Tambac
Romblon San Agustin Bachawan
Romblon San Agustin Binugusan
Romblon San Agustin Buli
Romblon San Agustin Cabolutan
Romblon San Agustin Cagbuaya
Romblon San Agustin Camantaya
Romblon San Agustin Carmen
Romblon San Agustin Cawayan
Romblon San Agustin Dubduban
Romblon San Agustin Lusong
Romblon San Agustin Mahabang Baybay
Romblon San Agustin Poblacion
Romblon San Agustin Sugod
Romblon San Andres Doña Trinidad
Romblon San Andres Marigondon Norte
Romblon San Andres Victoria
Romblon San Fernando All barangays
Romblon San Jose Busay
Romblon San Jose Combot
Romblon San Jose Lanas
Romblon San Jose Pinamihagan
Romblon San Jose Poblacion
Romblon Santa Fe All barangays
Sorsogon Bulan Aguinaldo
Sorsogon Bulan Beguin
Sorsogon Bulan Bical
Sorsogon Bulan Bonga
Sorsogon Bulan Butag
Sorsogon Bulan Calpi
Sorsogon Bulan Cocok-Cabitan
Sorsogon Bulan Danao
Sorsogon Bulan Dolos
Sorsogon Bulan Inararan
Sorsogon Bulan J. Gerona
Sorsogon Bulan M. Roxas
Sorsogon Bulan Marinab
Sorsogon Bulan Montecalvario
Sorsogon Bulan Namo
Sorsogon Bulan Nasuje
Sorsogon Bulan Osmeña
Sorsogon Bulan Padre Diaz
Sorsogon Bulan Quezon
Sorsogon Bulan Sagrada
Sorsogon Casiguran Casay
Sorsogon Donsol Alin
Sorsogon Donsol Banban
Sorsogon Donsol Bandi
Sorsogon Donsol Banuang Gurang
Sorsogon Donsol Baras
Sorsogon Donsol Bayawas
Sorsogon Donsol Bororan Barangay 1
Sorsogon Donsol Cabugao
Sorsogon Donsol Central Barangay 2
Sorsogon Donsol Cristo
Sorsogon Donsol Dancalan
Sorsogon Donsol De Vera
Sorsogon Donsol Gimagaan
Sorsogon Donsol Girawan
Sorsogon Donsol Gogon
Sorsogon Donsol Gura
Sorsogon Donsol Juan Adre
Sorsogon Donsol Lourdes
Sorsogon Donsol Mabini
Sorsogon Donsol Malapoc
Sorsogon Donsol Malinao
Sorsogon Donsol Market Site Barangay 3
Sorsogon Donsol New Maguisa
Sorsogon Donsol Old Maguisa
Sorsogon Donsol Orange
Sorsogon Donsol Pangpang
Sorsogon Donsol Parina
Sorsogon Donsol Pawala
Sorsogon Donsol Pinamanaan
Sorsogon Donsol Poso Poblacion
Sorsogon Donsol Punta Waling Waling Poblacion
Sorsogon Donsol Rawis
Sorsogon Donsol San Antonio
Sorsogon Donsol San Isidro
Sorsogon Donsol San Jose
Sorsogon Donsol San Rafael
Sorsogon Donsol San Ramon
Sorsogon Donsol San Vicente
Sorsogon Donsol Santa Cruz
Sorsogon Donsol Sevilla
Sorsogon Donsol Sibago
Sorsogon Donsol Suguian
Sorsogon Donsol Tagbac
Sorsogon Donsol Tinanogan
Sorsogon Donsol Tongdol
Sorsogon Donsol Tres Marias
Sorsogon Donsol Tuba
Sorsogon Donsol Tupas
Sorsogon Donsol Vinisitahan
Sorsogon Gubat Sangat
Sorsogon Juban Biriran
Sorsogon Juban Carohayon
Sorsogon Juban Tinago
Sorsogon Magallanes Anibong
Sorsogon Magallanes Behia
Sorsogon Magallanes Biton
Sorsogon Magallanes Busay
Sorsogon Magallanes Cagbolo
Sorsogon Magallanes Cagtalaba
Sorsogon Magallanes Hubo
Sorsogon Magallanes Lapinig
Sorsogon Magallanes Magsaysay
Sorsogon Magallanes Malbog
Sorsogon Magallanes Pawik
Sorsogon Magallanes Salvacion
Sorsogon Magallanes Tagas
Sorsogon Magallanes Tulatula Sur
Sorsogon Matnog Calayuan
Sorsogon Matnog Calintaan
Sorsogon Matnog Calpi
Sorsogon Matnog Coron-coron
Sorsogon Matnog Coron-Coron
Sorsogon Matnog Genablan Occidental
Sorsogon Matnog Genablan Oriental
Sorsogon Matnog Manurabi
Sorsogon Matnog Paghuliran
Sorsogon Matnog Sinang-Atan
Sorsogon Matnog Sua
Sorsogon Pilar Inapugan


Province City Barangay
Antique Culasi Alojipan
Antique Culasi Bagacay
Antique Culasi Balac-balac
Antique Culasi Balac-Balac
Antique Culasi Batonan Norte
Antique Culasi Batonan Sur
Antique Culasi Bita
Antique Culasi Buenavista
Antique Culasi Buhi
Antique Culasi Camancijan
Antique Culasi Carit-an
Antique Culasi Carit-An
Antique Culasi Condes
Antique Culasi Flores
Antique Culasi Jalandoni
Antique Culasi Janlagasi
Antique Culasi Lamputong
Antique Culasi Magsaysay (Balua)
Antique Culasi Maniguin
Antique Culasi Osorio
Antique Culasi Paningayan
Antique Culasi Salde
Antique Culasi San Antonio
Antique Culasi San Gregorio
Antique Culasi San Juan
Antique Culasi San Luis
Antique Culasi San Pascual
Antique Culasi San Vicente
Antique Culasi Simbola
Antique Culasi Tigbobolo
Antique Culasi Tinabusan
Antique Culasi Tomao
Antique Culasi Valderama
Antique Hamtic Bongbongan III
Antique Hamtic Bongbongan Iii
Antique Hamtic Botbot
Antique Hamtic Caromangay
Antique Hamtic Casalngan
Antique Libertad Codiong
Antique Libertad Inyawan
Antique Libertad Pucio
Antique Libertad Tinigbas
Antique Libertad Tinindugan
Antique Pandan Luhod-Bayang
Antique Pandan Maadios
Antique Pandan Napuid
Antique Pandan Perfecta
Antique Pandan San Joaquin
Antique Pandan Santa Ana
Antique Patnongon Cuyapiao
Antique Patnongon Gella
Antique Patnongon Magarang
Antique Patnongon Patlabawon
Antique Patnongon Quezon
Antique Patnongon Salaguiawan
Antique Patnongon Tigbalogo
Antique Patnongon Tobias Fornier
Antique Patnongon Villa Crespo
Antique Patnongon Villa Cruz
Antique Patnongon Villa Elio
Antique Patnongon Villa Flores
Antique Patnongon Villa Laua-an
Antique Patnongon Villa Laua-An
Antique Patnongon Villa Sal
Antique Patnongon Villa Salomon
Antique Patnongon Vista Alegre
Antique San Jose Durog
Antique Sebaste Alegre
Antique Sebaste P. Javier
Antique Sibalom Bulalacao
Antique Sibalom Cabanbanan
Antique Sibalom Cabladan
Antique Sibalom Calo-oy
Antique Sibalom Calo-Oy
Antique Sibalom Calog
Antique Sibalom Igcococ
Antique Sibalom Igdagmay
Antique Sibalom Igparas
Antique Sibalom Igsuming
Antique Sibalom Indag-an
Antique Sibalom Indag-An
Antique Sibalom Initan
Antique Sibalom Lagdo
Antique Sibalom Lambayagan
Antique Sibalom Luna
Antique Sibalom Maasin
Antique Sibalom Salvacion
Antique Sibalom Tabongtabong
Antique Sibalom Tig-Ohot
Antique Sibalom Tordesillas
Antique Sibalom Tulatula
Antique Sibalom Villafont
Biliran Maripipi Agutay
Biliran Maripipi Banlas
Biliran Maripipi Bato
Biliran Maripipi Binalayan East
Biliran Maripipi Binalayan West
Biliran Maripipi Binongto-an (Poblacion Norte)
Biliran Maripipi Binongto-An (Poblacion Norte)
Biliran Maripipi Burabod
Biliran Maripipi Calbani
Biliran Maripipi Canduhao
Biliran Maripipi Casibang
Biliran Maripipi Danao
Biliran Maripipi Ermita (Poblacion Sur)
Biliran Maripipi Ol-og
Biliran Maripipi Ol-Og
Biliran Maripipi Trabugan
Biliran Maripipi Viga
Bohol Talibon Mahanay
Capiz Cuartero Carataya
Capiz Cuartero San Antonio
Capiz Dumarao Sagrada Familia
Capiz Jamindan Agloloway
Capiz Jamindan Caridad
Capiz Jamindan Igang
Capiz Jamindan Lapaz
Capiz Jamindan San Jose
Capiz Jamindan Santo Rosario
Capiz President Roxas Badiangon
Capiz President Roxas Bayuyan
Capiz President Roxas Goce
Capiz President Roxas Pandan
Capiz President Roxas Santo Niño
Eastern Samar Arteche All barangays
Eastern Samar Balangkayan Balogo
Eastern Samar Balangkayan Bangon
Eastern Samar Balangkayan Caisawan
Eastern Samar Balangkayan Cantubi
Eastern Samar Balangkayan General Malvar
Eastern Samar Balangkayan Julag
Eastern Samar Balangkayan Magsaysay
Eastern Samar Borongan Amantacop
Eastern Samar Borongan Balacdas
Eastern Samar Borongan Bayobay
Eastern Samar Borongan Benowangan
Eastern Samar Borongan Cabalagnan
Eastern Samar Borongan Cagbonga
Eastern Samar Borongan Calingatngan
Eastern Samar Borongan Can-aga
Eastern Samar Borongan Can-Aga
Eastern Samar Borongan Canjaway
Eastern Samar Borongan Canlaray
Eastern Samar Borongan Canyopay
Eastern Samar Borongan Maybacong
Eastern Samar Borongan Pinanag-an
Eastern Samar Borongan Pinanag-An
Eastern Samar Borongan San Andres
Eastern Samar Borongan San Gabriel
Eastern Samar Borongan San Gregorio
Eastern Samar Borongan San Jose
Eastern Samar Borongan San Mateo
Eastern Samar Borongan San Pablo
Eastern Samar Borongan Siha
Eastern Samar Borongan Sohutan
Eastern Samar Borongan Suribao
Eastern Samar Borongan Surok
Eastern Samar Giporlos Gigoso
Eastern Samar Giporlos Huknan
Eastern Samar Giporlos President Roxas
Eastern Samar Giporlos San Miguel
Eastern Samar Giporlos Santa Cruz (Cansingkol)
Eastern Samar Guiuan Banaag
Eastern Samar Guiuan Bitaugan
Eastern Samar Guiuan Buenavista
Eastern Samar Guiuan Camparang
Eastern Samar Guiuan Casuguran
Eastern Samar Guiuan Culasi
Eastern Samar Guiuan Habag
Eastern Samar Guiuan Hamorawon
Eastern Samar Guiuan Inapulangan
Eastern Samar Guiuan San Antonio
Eastern Samar Guiuan San Jose
Eastern Samar Guiuan San Pedro
Eastern Samar Guiuan Suluan
Eastern Samar Guiuan Trinidad
Eastern Samar Maydolong Canloterio
Eastern Samar Maydolong Del Pilar
Eastern Samar Maydolong Guindalitan
Eastern Samar Maydolong Lapgap
Eastern Samar Mercedes Banuyo
Eastern Samar Mercedes Bobon
Eastern Samar Mercedes Busay
Eastern Samar Mercedes Cabunga-an
Eastern Samar Mercedes Cabunga-An
Eastern Samar Mercedes Cambante
Eastern Samar Mercedes Port Kennedy
Eastern Samar Mercedes San Jose
Eastern Samar Mercedes San Roque
Eastern Samar Mercedes Sung-an
Eastern Samar Mercedes Sung-An
Eastern Samar Salcedo Abejao
Eastern Samar Salcedo Alog
Eastern Samar Salcedo Asgad
Eastern Samar Salcedo Burak
Eastern Samar Salcedo Butig
Eastern Samar Salcedo Cagaut
Eastern Samar Salcedo Camanga
Eastern Samar Salcedo Cantomoja
Eastern Samar Salcedo Carapdapan
Eastern Samar Salcedo Caridad
Eastern Samar Salcedo Jagnaya
Eastern Samar Salcedo Lusod
Eastern Samar Salcedo Malbog
Eastern Samar Salcedo Maliwaliw
Eastern Samar Salcedo Matarinao
Eastern Samar Salcedo Palanas
Eastern Samar Salcedo San Roque (Bugay)
Eastern Samar Salcedo Santa Cruz
Eastern Samar Salcedo Seguinon
Eastern Samar Salcedo Tacla-on
Eastern Samar Salcedo Tacla-On
Eastern Samar San Julian Putong
Eastern Samar San Julian San Miguel
Eastern Samar Sulat Mabini
Eastern Samar Sulat San Juan
Eastern Samar Sulat San Mateo
Eastern Samar Sulat San Vicente
Eastern Samar Sulat Santo Niño
Eastern Samar Sulat Santo Tomas
Iloilo Ajuy Agbobolo
Iloilo Ajuy Badiangan
Iloilo Ajuy Barrido
Iloilo Ajuy Bato Biasong
Iloilo Ajuy Bay-ang
Iloilo Ajuy Bay-Ang
Iloilo Ajuy Bucana Bunglas
Iloilo Ajuy Culasi
Iloilo Ajuy Luca
Iloilo Ajuy Malayu-an
Iloilo Ajuy Malayu-An
Iloilo Ajuy Mangorocoro
Iloilo Ajuy Nasidman
Iloilo Ajuy Pantalan Nabaye
Iloilo Ajuy Pedada
Iloilo Ajuy Pili
Iloilo Ajuy Pinantan Elizalde
Iloilo Ajuy Pinay Espinosa
Iloilo Ajuy Progreso
Iloilo Ajuy Punta Buri
Iloilo Ajuy Rojas
Iloilo Ajuy Santo Rosario
Iloilo Ajuy Silagon
Iloilo Ajuy Tagubanhan
Iloilo Ajuy Taguhangin
Iloilo Ajuy Tubogan
Iloilo Balasan Batuan
Iloilo Barotac Viejo General Luna
Iloilo Bingawan Alabidhan
Iloilo Bingawan Bulabog
Iloilo Bingawan Guinhulacan
Iloilo Bingawan Inamyungan
Iloilo Bingawan Malitbog Ilawod
Iloilo Bingawan Malitbog Ilaya
Iloilo Bingawan Poblacion
Iloilo Bingawan Quinangyana
Iloilo Bingawan Tapacon
Iloilo Bingawan Tubod
Iloilo Sara Aguirre
Iloilo Sara Aposaga
Iloilo Sara Ardemil
Iloilo Sara Batitao
Iloilo Sara Castor
Iloilo Sara Crespo
Iloilo Sara Del Castillo
Iloilo Sara Domingo
Iloilo Sara Gildore
Iloilo Sara Improgo
Iloilo Sara Labigan
Iloilo Sara Lanciola
Iloilo Sara Latawan
Iloilo Sara Malapaya
Iloilo Sara Muyco
Iloilo Sara Posadas
Iloilo Sara Tady
Iloilo Sara Tentay
Iloilo Tubungan Cadabdab
Iloilo Tubungan Igtuble
Iloilo Tubungan Jolason
Iloilo Tubungan Lanag Norte
Negros Occidental Hinigaran Baga-as
Negros Occidental Hinigaran Baga-As
Negros Occidental Hinigaran Calapi
Negros Occidental Ilog Balicotoc
Negros Occidental Ilog Canlamay
Negros Occidental Kabankalan Bantayan
Negros Occidental Kabankalan Inapoy
Negros Occidental Kabankalan Pinaguinpinan
Negros Occidental Kabankalan Tagoc
Negros Occidental Kabankalan Tampalon
Negros Occidental Sipalay Camindangan
Negros Occidental Sipalay Maricalum
Negros Occidental Sipalay Nabulao
Negros Occidental Talisay Concepcion
Negros Occidental Talisay Dos Hermanas
Negros Oriental Guihulngan Buenavista
Negros Oriental Guihulngan Magsaysay
Negros Oriental La Libertad Pacuan
Negros Oriental Manjuyod Balaas
Negros Oriental Manjuyod Butong
Negros Oriental Sibulan Enrique Villanueva
Negros Oriental Tayasan Banga
Negros Oriental Tayasan Cambaye
Negros Oriental Tayasan Lag-it
Negros Oriental Tayasan Lag-It
Negros Oriental Tayasan Linao
Negros Oriental Tayasan Matauta
Negros Oriental Tayasan Pinalubngan
Negros Oriental Tayasan Pindahan
Negros Oriental Tayasan Pinocawan
Negros Oriental Vallehermoso Guba
Northern Samar Biri All barangays
Northern Samar Capul All barangays
Northern Samar Catubig Anongo
Northern Samar Catubig Bonifacio
Northern Samar Catubig Boring
Northern Samar Catubig Cagbugna
Northern Samar Catubig Cagmanaba
Northern Samar Catubig Cagogobngan
Northern Samar Catubig Calingnan
Northern Samar Catubig Canuctan
Northern Samar Catubig Claro M. Recto (Lobedico)
Northern Samar Catubig D. Mercader (Bongog)
Northern Samar Catubig Guibwangan
Northern Samar Catubig Hinagonoyan
Northern Samar Catubig Hiparayan
Northern Samar Catubig Hitapi-an
Northern Samar Catubig Hitapi-An
Northern Samar Catubig Inoburan
Northern Samar Catubig Irawahan
Northern Samar Catubig Lenoyahan
Northern Samar Catubig Libon
Northern Samar Catubig Magongon
Northern Samar Catubig Magtuad
Northern Samar Catubig Manering
Northern Samar Catubig Nabulo
Northern Samar Catubig Nagoocan
Northern Samar Catubig Nahulid
Northern Samar Catubig Opong
Northern Samar Catubig Osang
Northern Samar Catubig P. Rebadulla
Northern Samar Catubig Roxas
Northern Samar Catubig Sagudsuron
Northern Samar Catubig San Antonio
Northern Samar Catubig San Francisco
Northern Samar Catubig San Jose (Hebobollao)
Northern Samar Catubig San Vicente
Northern Samar Catubig Santa Fe
Northern Samar Catubig Sulitan
Northern Samar Catubig Tangbo
Northern Samar Catubig Tungodnon
Northern Samar Catubig Vienna Maria
Northern Samar Gamay Anito
Northern Samar Gamay Bangon
Northern Samar Gamay Bato
Northern Samar Gamay Bonifacio
Northern Samar Gamay Cabarasan
Northern Samar Gamay Cadac-an (Calingnan)
Northern Samar Gamay Cadac-An (Calingnan)
Northern Samar Gamay Cade-an
Northern Samar Gamay Cade-An
Northern Samar Gamay Cagamutan del Norte
Northern Samar Gamay Cagamutan Del Norte
Northern Samar Gamay Cagamutan del Sur
Northern Samar Gamay Cagamutan Del Sur
Northern Samar Gamay Dao
Northern Samar Gamay G. M. Osias
Northern Samar Gamay Guibuangan
Northern Samar Gamay Henogawe
Northern Samar Gamay Lonoy
Northern Samar Gamay Luneta
Northern Samar Gamay Malidong
Northern Samar Gamay Rizal
Northern Samar Gamay San Antonio
Northern Samar Laoang Abaton
Northern Samar Laoang Aguadahan
Northern Samar Laoang Atipolo
Northern Samar Laoang Bawang
Northern Samar Laoang Binatiklan
Northern Samar Laoang Bongliw
Northern Samar Laoang Cabadiangan
Northern Samar Laoang Cabagngan
Northern Samar Laoang Cabago-an
Northern Samar Laoang Cabago-An
Northern Samar Laoang Cabulaloan
Northern Samar Laoang Cagaasan
Northern Samar Laoang Cagdara-o
Northern Samar Laoang Cagdara-O
Northern Samar Laoang Cahayagan
Northern Samar Laoang Calomotan
Northern Samar Laoang Candawid
Northern Samar Laoang Cangcahipos
Northern Samar Laoang Canyomanao
Northern Samar Laoang Catigbian
Northern Samar Laoang E. J. Dulay
Northern Samar Laoang G. B. Tan
Northern Samar Laoang Gibatangan
Northern Samar Laoang Inamlan
Northern Samar Laoang La Perla
Northern Samar Laoang Langob
Northern Samar Laoang Lawaan
Northern Samar Laoang Magsaysay
Northern Samar Laoang Marubay
Northern Samar Laoang Mualbual
Northern Samar Laoang Napotiocan (Salvacion)
Northern Samar Laoang Oleras
Northern Samar Laoang Onay (Dona Luisa)
Northern Samar Laoang Palmera
Northern Samar Laoang Pangdan
Northern Samar Laoang Rombang
Northern Samar Laoang San Antonio (Son-og)
Northern Samar Laoang San Antonio (Son-Og)
Northern Samar Laoang Sangcol
Northern Samar Laoang Sibunot
Northern Samar Laoang Simora
Northern Samar Laoang Suba
Northern Samar Laoang Talisay
Northern Samar Laoang Tan-awan
Northern Samar Laoang Tan-Awan
Northern Samar Laoang Tarusan
Northern Samar Laoang Tinoblan
Northern Samar Laoang Vigo
Northern Samar Laoang Yapas
Northern Samar Lapinig Alang-alang
Northern Samar Lapinig Alang-Alang
Northern Samar Lapinig Bagacay
Northern Samar Lapinig Cahagwayan
Northern Samar Lapinig Can Maria
Northern Samar Lapinig Can Omanio
Northern Samar Lapinig Imelda
Northern Samar Lapinig Lo-ok
Northern Samar Lapinig Lo-Ok
Northern Samar Lapinig Mabini
Northern Samar Lapinig May-igot
Northern Samar Lapinig May-Igot
Northern Samar Lapinig Palanas
Northern Samar Lapinig Pio Del Pilar
Northern Samar Lapinig Potong
Northern Samar Lapinig Potong Del Sur
Northern Samar Las Navas Balugo
Northern Samar Las Navas Bugay
Northern Samar Las Navas Bugtosan
Northern Samar Las Navas Bukid
Northern Samar Las Navas Bulao
Northern Samar Las Navas Caputoan
Northern Samar Las Navas Catoto-ogan
Northern Samar Las Navas Catoto-Ogan
Northern Samar Las Navas Cuenco
Northern Samar Las Navas Dapdap
Northern Samar Las Navas Del Pilar
Northern Samar Las Navas Dolores
Northern Samar Las Navas Epaw
Northern Samar Las Navas Geguinta
Northern Samar Las Navas Geracdo
Northern Samar Las Navas Guyo
Northern Samar Las Navas Hangi
Northern Samar Las Navas Imelda
Northern Samar Las Navas L. Empon
Northern Samar Las Navas Lakandula
Northern Samar Las Navas Lourdes
Northern Samar Las Navas Lumala-og
Northern Samar Las Navas Lumala-Og
Northern Samar Las Navas Mabini
Northern Samar Las Navas Macarthur
Northern Samar Las Navas Magsaysay
Northern Samar Las Navas Matelarag
Northern Samar Las Navas Paco
Northern Samar Las Navas Palanas
Northern Samar Las Navas Perez
Northern Samar Las Navas Poponton
Northern Samar Las Navas Quezon
Northern Samar Las Navas Rebong
Northern Samar Las Navas Rizal
Northern Samar Las Navas Roxas
Northern Samar Las Navas Rufino
Northern Samar Las Navas Sag-od
Northern Samar Las Navas Sag-Od
Northern Samar Las Navas San Andres
Northern Samar Las Navas San Antonio
Northern Samar Las Navas San Fernando
Northern Samar Las Navas San Francisco
Northern Samar Las Navas San Isidro
Northern Samar Las Navas San Jorge
Northern Samar Las Navas San Jose
Northern Samar Las Navas San Miguel
Northern Samar Las Navas Santo Tomas
Northern Samar Las Navas Tagab-iran
Northern Samar Las Navas Tagab-Iran
Northern Samar Las Navas Tagan-ayan
Northern Samar Las Navas Tagan-Ayan
Northern Samar Las Navas Taylor
Northern Samar Las Navas Victory
Northern Samar Mapanas Burgos
Northern Samar Mapanas E. Laodenio
Northern Samar Mapanas Jubasan
Northern Samar Mapanas Magsaysay
Northern Samar Mapanas Magtaon
Northern Samar Mapanas Manaybanay
Northern Samar Mapanas Naparasan
Northern Samar Mapanas Quezon
Northern Samar Mapanas San Jose
Northern Samar Mapanas Siljagon
Northern Samar Palapag Bagacay
Northern Samar Palapag Bangon
Northern Samar Palapag Benigno S. Aquino, Jr.
Northern Samar Palapag Binay
Northern Samar Palapag Cabariwan
Northern Samar Palapag Cabatuan
Northern Samar Palapag Campedico
Northern Samar Palapag Capacujan
Northern Samar Palapag Jangtud
Northern Samar Palapag Mabaras
Northern Samar Palapag Magsaysay
Northern Samar Palapag Manajao
Northern Samar Palapag Mapno
Northern Samar Palapag Maragano
Northern Samar Palapag Matambag
Northern Samar Palapag Monbon
Northern Samar Palapag Nagbobtac
Northern Samar Palapag Napo
Northern Samar Palapag Nipa
Northern Samar Palapag Pangpang
Northern Samar Palapag Paysud
Northern Samar Palapag Sangay
Northern Samar Palapag Simora
Northern Samar Palapag Sinalaran
Northern Samar Palapag Sumoroy
Northern Samar Palapag Talolora
Northern Samar Pambujan Cagbigajo
Northern Samar Pambujan Ge-adgawan
Northern Samar Pambujan Ge-Adgawan
Northern Samar Pambujan Geparayan
Northern Samar Pambujan Ginulgan
Northern Samar Pambujan Igot
Northern Samar Pambujan Inanahawan
Northern Samar Pambujan Manahao
Northern Samar Pambujan San Ramon
Northern Samar Pambujan Senonogan
Northern Samar Pambujan Tula
Northern Samar Pambujan Ynaguingayan
Northern Samar San Antonio Burabod
Northern Samar San Antonio Dalupirit
Northern Samar San Antonio Manraya
Northern Samar San Antonio Pilar
Northern Samar San Antonio Rizal
Northern Samar San Antonio San Nicolas
Northern Samar San Antonio Vinisitahan
Northern Samar San Vicente Maragat
Northern Samar San Vicente Sangputan
Northern Samar San Vicente Sila
Northern Samar San Vicente Tarnate
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Balud
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Cababayogan
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Cabunga-an
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Cabunga-An
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Cagda-o
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Cagda-O
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Caghilot
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Camanggaran
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Camaya-an
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Camaya-An
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Deit De Suba
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Deit De Turag
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Gebolwangan
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Gebonawan
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Gecbo-an
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Gecbo-An
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Genagasan
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Geparayan De Turag
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Giguimitan
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Gusaran
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Imelda
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Montalban
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Poblacion I
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Poblacion II
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Poblacion Ii
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos San Antonio
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos San Isidro
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Senonogan de Tubang
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Senonogan De Tubang
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Tobgon
Northern Samar Silvino Lobos Victory
Western Samar Calbayog Sinidman Occidental
Western Samar Calbayog Sinidman Oriental


Province City Barangay
Agusan del Norte Butuan Dankias
Agusan Del Norte Butuan Dankias
Agusan del Norte Butuan Pianing
Agusan Del Norte Butuan Pianing
Bukidnon Baungon Imbatog
Bukidnon Baungon Liboran
Bukidnon Impasug-ong Capitan Bayong
Bukidnon Impasug-Ong Capitan Bayong
Bukidnon Impasug-ong Cawayan
Bukidnon Impasug-Ong Cawayan
Bukidnon Impasug-ong Dumalaguing
Bukidnon Impasug-Ong Dumalaguing
Bukidnon Impasug-ong Kalabugao
Bukidnon Impasug-Ong Kalabugao
Bukidnon Impasug-ong Kibenton
Bukidnon Impasug-Ong Kibenton
Bukidnon Sumilao Poblacion
Bukidnon Sumilao San Roque
Bukidnon Talakag Dagumbaan
Bukidnon Talakag Dominorog
Bukidnon Talakag Indulang
Bukidnon Talakag Lingi-on
Bukidnon Talakag Lingi-On
Bukidnon Talakag Miarayon
Bukidnon Talakag San Antonio
Bukidnon Talakag San Rafael
Bukidnon Talakag Tikalaan
Camiguin Catarman Bonbon
Davao del Norte Santo Tomas Magwawa
Davao Del Norte Santo Tomas Magwawa
Lanao del Norte Tubod Bualan
Lanao Del Norte Tubod Bualan
Lanao del Norte Tubod Camp V
Lanao Del Norte Tubod Camp V
Lanao del Norte Tubod Candis
Lanao Del Norte Tubod Candis
Lanao del Norte Tubod Caniogan
Lanao Del Norte Tubod Caniogan
Lanao del Norte Tubod Kalilangan
Lanao Del Norte Tubod Kalilangan
Lanao del Norte Tubod Taden
Lanao Del Norte Tubod Taden
Misamis Oriental Alubijid Sungay
Misamis Oriental Alubijid Taparak
Misamis Oriental Alubijid Tula
Misamis Oriental Gitagum Ulab
Misamis Oriental Jasaan Natubo
Misamis Oriental Libertad Taytayan
Misamis Oriental Manticao Upper Malubog
Misamis Oriental Opol Awang
Misamis Oriental Opol Bagocboc
Misamis Oriental Opol Cauyonan
North Cotabato Banisilan Busaon
North Cotabato Banisilan Capayangan
North Cotabato Banisilan Carugmanan
North Cotabato Banisilan Gastay
North Cotabato Banisilan Kalawaig
North Cotabato Banisilan Kiaring
North Cotabato Banisilan Malagap
North Cotabato Banisilan Miguel Macasarte
North Cotabato Banisilan Pantar
North Cotabato Banisilan Paradise
North Cotabato Banisilan Pinamulaan
North Cotabato Banisilan Poblacion II
North Cotabato Banisilan Poblacion Ii
North Cotabato Banisilan Solama
North Cotabato Banisilan Thailand
North Cotabato Banisilan Tinimbacan
North Cotabato Banisilan Tumbao-Camalig
North Cotabato Banisilan Wadya
North Cotabato Midsayap Upper Labas
North Cotabato Pikit Fort Pikit
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Bacdulong
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Denlag
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Halilan
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Hanoon
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Klubi
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Lamcade
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Lamdalag
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Lamlahak
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Lower Maculan
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Luhib
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Ned
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Takunel
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Tasiman
South Cotabato Lake Sebu Upper Maculan
South Cotabato Surallah Lamian
South Cotabato Surallah Upper Sepaka
South Cotabato Tampakan All barangays
Sultan Kudarat Bagumbayan Masiag
Sultan Kudarat Columbio All barangays
Sultan Kudarat Kalamansig Datu Wasay
Sultan Kudarat Kalamansig Hinalaan
Sultan Kudarat Kalamansig Obial
Sultan Kudarat Kalamansig Paril
Sultan Kudarat Kalamansig Sangay
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Basak
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Bolebok
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Bululawan
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Capilan
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Kalamongog
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Keytodac
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Kinodalan
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Ragandang
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Salangsang
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Tran
Sultan Kudarat Lebak Villamonte
Sultan Kudarat Lutayan All barangays
Sultan Kudarat Palimbang All barangays
Surigao del Sur Bislig Labisma
Surigao Del Sur Bislig Labisma
Surigao del Sur Tandag Maitum
Surigao Del Sur Tandag Maitum
Zamboanga del Norte Dapitan Aliguay
Zamboanga Del Norte Dapitan Aliguay
Zamboanga Del Norte Godod All barangays
Zamboanga Del Norte Gutalac All barangays
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Balatakan
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Bitoon
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Dinasan
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Ilihan
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Labakid
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Lipay
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Lopero
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Lumanping
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Marupay
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Sigamok
Zamboanga del Norte Jose Dalman Tamarok
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Balok
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Balok
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Biniray
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Biniray
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Dabiak
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Dabiak
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Malasay
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Malasay
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Matam
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Matam
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Miatan
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Miatan
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Nanginan
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Nanginan
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Sanao
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Sanao
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Seres
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Seres
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Singatong
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Singatong
Zamboanga del Norte Katipunan Sitog
Zamboanga Del Norte Katipunan Sitog
Zamboanga del Norte La Libertad El Paraiso
Zamboanga del Norte La Libertad La Victoria
Zamboanga del Norte La Libertad New Argao
Zamboanga del Norte La Libertad New Bataan
Zamboanga del Norte La Libertad San Jose
Zamboanga del Norte La Libertad Santa Cruz
Zamboanga Del Norte Labason All barangays
Zamboanga Del Norte Mutia All barangays
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Antonino
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Bagong Baguio
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Bagumbayan
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Buenavista
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Dampalan
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Danao
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Don Eleno
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Kauswagan
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Labiray
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Liwanag
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Mabuhay
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Macalibre
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Mahayahay
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Marapong
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Nazareth
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Nebo
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. New Rizal
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. New Tangub
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Nuevavista
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Pedagan
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Penacio
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Poblacion Alto
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Princesa Freshia
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Princesa Lamaya
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. San Antonio
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. San Francisco
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. San Isidro
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. San Jose
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Sinaad
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Sinai
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Situbo
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Tinago
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Tinindugan
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Tuburan
Zamboanga del Norte Sergio Osmeña Sr. Wilben
Zamboanga Del Norte Sibuco All barangays
Zamboanga Del Norte Sibutad All barangays
Zamboanga del Sur Aurora Gubaan
Zamboanga Del Sur Aurora Gubaan
Zamboanga del Sur Tukuran Manlayag
Zamboanga Del Sur Tukuran Manlayag
Zamboanga del Sur Tukuran Tagulo
Zamboanga Del Sur Tukuran Tagulo

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Service Advisory for December 8, 2022

Service Advisory for December 8, 2022

Please be guided by our schedule of operations at on the Feast of Immaculate Conception

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Service Advisory for February 24, 2023

Service Advisory for February 24, 2023

Please be guided by our schedule of operations at on EDSA Revolution Anniversary

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