Wrap It With Love

Make gifting more special for you and your kids this holiday season as you work together in wrapping gifts

The holidays is a wonderful time for kids and adults to practice and explore some family activities. It is also a wonderful way for parents to show their little ones the value of sharing. If you're still not done with your gift-wrapping, this is a good time to involve your little ones! Not only will it be an opportunity for you to bond with them, it will also help the kids develop their creativity.

Watch this video and learn some tips and tricks on how to make gift-wrapping fun and easy for kids!

As the old saying goes, it's the thought that counts—and whoever receives your gifts will definitely feel the love and thoughtfulness put into the wrapping of the presents.

With Christmas Day just a week away, are you done with your gift shopping? Make sure you share the magic of giving with kids with the creative gift-wrapping ideas this season!

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Videographers: Oliver Tam and Frances Ulit
Producer: Rhods Ogrimen
Makeup: Tot Tangco
Hair: Mac Ramillano
Talents: Tippy Go, Sam Breukers, and Naishin Garci
Editor: Kevin Dexter Magno
Production Coordinator: Elaine Contreras