The Scent of a Nymph

You’re probably in the mood for a fragrance that feels both fresh and clean—and diptyque’s newest fragrance may be exactly what you’re looking for

If you ask anyone about finding the right perfume and you will most likely get the same answer from most, if not all: it can be a pretty long process. You take a whiff of the top notes that come right after the first spritz, and then you wait till the middle and base notes come through. When you’ve gone through those key steps, you have to decide if that fragrance is like an extension of you. Other times, you get a fragrance just because you feel like it.

But one thing everyone needs to realize about fragrances is that you can never underestimate the power of a good fragrance. Most especially for those humid afternoons or long hours. Just a spritz of the right smell can leave a lasting impression. Enter diptyque.

Diptyque recently launched its latest eau de parfum, featuring a reimagined version of the fougère accord, a fragrance family commonly found in men's colognes. While this particular accord typically has a blend of notes including lavender, geranium, coumarine, and oakmoss, the cult-favorite fragrance and beauty brand is taking a new approach to the clean and familiar scent.

Eau de Minthé is made with Cascade mint, grown on Oregon’s Cascade mountains, at the center of the fragrance. While that particular aspect of the formula may sound overwhelming, the fragrance also features floral notes like geranium and rose oxide, as well as a base of patchouli, making it the perfect mix of earthiness, florals, and freshness.

According to Myriam Badault, diptyque’s director of marketing and product creation, “The story of Eau de Minthé comes from that ingredient, mint. I like to tell stories and share my discoveries; mythology and ancient times are among our strong inspirations and we found this very nice story about the nymph Minthé and her love affair with Hadés.” Badault went on, saying that this led her to collaborate with the young author Clotilde Bruneau who wrote the storyboard of the film.

In the classic myth, the nymph Minthé was transformed into the leafy herb by Persephone after attempting to seduce Hades, and was ultimately left to infuse the Underworld with her fragrance. The fragrance focuses on her story of metamorphosis and reinvention into the beloved scent of sweet mint.

When asked to describe the fragrance, Badault says, “[It’s] Both modern and familiar, depending on your age.” She explains further, “For someone born in the 70s, it refers to very familiar masculine fragrance, for someone a bit younger, barbershop scents and freshness. I wanted to explore the fougère universe with a twist and some reference to our heritage and my obsessive idea to use mint.


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