Lines are infinite yet purposely graceful. They build connections and borders anything to shape. With the hands of an artist, we ventured into the density and textures of the finest eyeliners to build works of art, and simply appreciate the beauty of each.

Here are four of our best-curated eyeliners and the beauty of the lines they can create.  


Words by Nana Valdueza

Shiseido's MicroLiner Ink in Black showed great line precision in this Art no. 1.
The micro-fine tip glided with hyper-pigmented colors on the paper and was smooth enough to create this beautiful curves.  



Truly high-intensity, this felt-tip Eyeliner Stylo from NARS in Carpates easily blotted the paper. The super-fine recreated the same curvaceous shape of the face
but with an ounce of grace.

The pen is akin to an artist's Inkpen, but dries fast to avoid smudges.

Stila's Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Intense Black, created dramatic renditions of lines from bold to thin. It glides with the continuous flow to recreate this wonderful work of art.


mac cosmetics

The same richness as a young kid playing crayons, MAC Cosmetics' Pro Longwear Eye Liner in Definitely Black has the same rich and creamy texture as your favorite crayon pen. It glided wonderfully on paper to create this beautiful art to remind us that doing makeup has the same experience we had as kids.
Truly enjoyable

There is always beauty to lines present among us. And clearly, these four created refined ones that recreate the beauty in each of us.

So have you decided which eyeliner would be your next favorite? There are still tons to choose from in our curated list, one to make your perfect winged eyeliner or just your recently go-to smoky eyes.


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Featuring works by Claudine Vizconde
Photographer: Oliver Tam
Creative Director and Art Direction: Nana Valdueza
Production Coordinator: Elaine Contreras