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These essential men’s accessories will keep your head cool while traveling

Let’s talk about traveling: it is a very tedious process. No matter how early you head to the airport or where you choose to sit on the plane, somehow, something is bound to not go exactly as planned.

The idea of jetting off to a new destination is always exciting. However, the process of going through airport security, checking in your luggage, and even onboarding the plane is not going to be the best part of the trip. You’re likely to empty your pockets, shove contents into a bag, or rummage through your bag for your wallet, your passport, or even your phone for most of your stay at the airport. Losing your cool while waiting in line for immigration—because you couldn’t find your pen or travel documents—is not attractive at all.

That being said, how do you jet off without setting off your patience even before the plane leaves the tarmac? The answer is this—accessorize and accessorize well.

From the perfect travel bag to RFID-blocking wallets, scroll on down for the best travel-friendly accessories that can help make your journey a little easier.



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The bag

The perfect bag is impossible to find, but the best one for your next trip is this Ledburry Backpack in Fawn Green by Hackett. Its streamlined design and muted tone make for a stylish addition to any gentleman’s travel arsenal, apart from it being very functional. Its size can fit all your essentials and more, plus the front zip-pocket is a great additional storage with easy access for your travel passport, phone, and wallet.


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The wallet

We’ve all heard about those horrifying stories of identity theft and credit card fraud—especially those we hear about trips abroad. Keep your cash and cards secure with Notting Hill RFID Wallet by Vaultskin. Its design holds up to 10 credit cards and IDs, as well as folded bills. The zip-around closure keeps you from worrying about losing its contents.


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The Pen

We cannot stress this enough: always bring a pen with you. We’re well aware that we’re bound to fill up forms at the airport; come prepared and avoid scrambling for a pen when lining up for immigration. This handsome Cross Click Black Ballpoint Pen is a no-brainer choice. Its convenient retractable mechanism makes for easy use, its rollerball tip shouldn’t leak or spill any ink, and its black and chrome colorway gives it a casual look.


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The SmartWatch

Don’t be that guy who cuts lines at security because you’re about to miss your flight. Running halfway across the airport just so you can reach the gate that is about to close is not only stressful, it is likewise disrespectful to those who have patiently waited to board. Keep track of time with Fitbit Charge 3 in black and graphite. More than just providing you with time, you can get notifications of important messages and calls, as well as a motivation for a sedentary user to get up and move.

beats by dre

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The Beats

Once you’ve checked in your luggage and gone through immigration, keep your cool and wait for boarding by reading a book or by listening to your favorite playlist. Beats by Dre Powerbeats 3 will keep you company while you count the minutes—or even hours—until you have to board your flight.