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Baby Self-Feeding Starter Kit - Gray/Green

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When it’s too soon to spoon, it’s the perfect time for NumNum Baby Self-Feeding Starter Set. Made for babies just starting their journey to the spoon, this set includes the Award-winning NumNum Prespoon GOOtensils and NumNum Beginner Bowl.

Designed for use with purees and other food blends, a NumNum GOOtensil™ is a pre-spoon that makes self-feeding easier for little ones. Unlike a spoon, the head is flat, so there's no scooping, no balancing, and no wrong way to hold it.

The NumNum Prespoon (stage one) with textures acts as a feeding-teether to help your child get acclimated to holding a utensil. Once they’ve learned the basics, they can also use the innovative (stage two) pre-spoon with channels for trapping food.

The NumNum Beginner Bowl features a patent-pending cone-shaped interior that helps kids find and enjoy every bite.


  • Innovative design requires no scooping or balancing—easier to use than a spoon
  • Stage One pre-spoon with textures grabs just enough food for beginners
  • Stage Two pre-spoon with channels captures and holds thicker foods
  • Can be used with a wide range of foods, including baby food, home blends, oatmeal, yogurt, mashed solids, and more
  • Prespoons also soothe sore teething gums
  • Thicker handle contoured to comfortably and securely fit a child’s hand
  • Beginner bowl’s sloped interior walls guide food to one easy-to-find spot at bottom
  • No corners on bowl so it is easier for child to find and enjoy every bite with less waste
  • Broad, non-slip base for maximum stability and reduce tipping
  • Utensils are made with premium food-grade silicone and nylon
  • Bowl EDA-grade TPE and polypropylene
  • Meets all safety requirements for the U.S, and the E.U. Contains no PVC, BPA, or phthalates.
  • Dishwasher-safe


Prespoon GOOtensils

  • Weight: 0.64oz
  • Dimensions: L 12.96cm x W 3.05cm x H 9.91cm

Beginner Bowl

  • Capacity: 3.5oz
  • Dimensions: L 12.7cm x W 12.7cm x H 5.08cm
Baby Self-Feeding Starter Kit - Gray/Green
Baby Self-Feeding Starter Kit - Gray/Green Sale price₱1,195.00