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Candy Shoes Navy

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In a seven-year research from Korea, they found walking barefoot on grass for one hour a day increases the brain and muscle development of the baby. Attipas Candy Shoes Navy helps with your baby’s brain development with its patented soles. The soles mimic the feeling of a baby walking barefoot on grass and stimulates the brain and motor development. It's the first non-slip shoes for kids. Big Toe Box: Free toe movement to improve cognitive and motor development.


  • Made from safe & non-toxic materials
  • No hazardous materials
  • No glue or adhesives
  • No use of Formaldehyde
  • International Patent
  • Weight: 224g
  • Material of sock: Cotton-blend
  • Material of soles: TPR
  • Color: Navy


Babies starting to walk


  • Fully machine washable up to 30°C. Please use a laundry bag to preserve the fabric and air-dry only (do not put it in the dryer)
  • Can be washed with your regular loads in similar colors, so no need for separate washes
  • Avoid using hot water
  • Can also be hand washed if preferred by gently washing with laundry liquid and water in the laundry tub.
  • Gently shake and squeeze excess water off and avoid twisting to preserve their shape
  • Always air-dry your after washing (do not put in the dryer)

attipas candy shoes navy
Candy Shoes Navy Sale price₱999.00