FAQs on Rustans.com

Read about the Frequently Asked Questions on Rustans.com operations during the Community Quarantine Period. LAST UPDATE ON JULY 8, 2020

Our Makati, Shangri-La, Gateway, and Alabang stores are open. Cebu store is currently closed due to ECQ. Follow us on social media @rustansph channels for latest updates. Thank you for your support.

Important information about deliveries during COVID-19

Due to ECQ/MECQ/GCQ conditions across the Philippines, we must take extra care with your order and it will take longer.

Limitations on manpower and transport for safety reasons mean our normal processing times are delayed. These conditions affect the time needed to pack your order, transport your order, or pass check points.

Processing, packing, and dispatch of orders take place Monday to Friday, and may take more than one week, followed by delivery time to your location.

You will receive tracking information once your package is on its way. If your order is delayed for more than 10 days, you may contact us and await a detailed reply. 

Due to high volume of requests, our Customer Service team will respond as soon as possible, or within 24-72 hours.

Every customer and every order is important, so we kindly we ask for your patience and courtesy when interacting with our staff at all times.

1. Can I order from rustans.com while Luzon is under Community Quarantine?

Yes. Rustans.com remains open to take orders at this time, however please expect delays on all order processing and deliveries. We offer essential items, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, kids’ items, and homewares.

Disclaimer: Some products are subject to delivery from our brand partners and may be delayed by limited transport and manpower during both ECQ and GCQ. Our partners and our team are working hard to serve your needs as best we can in these circumstances.

Cosmetics or heat-sensitive products must travel via sea to some provincial areas due to restricted ECQ/GCQ air services. Should you wish to include cosmetics and heat-sensitive items in provincial orders, this will be at the customers' own risk. We will do all that we can to carefully pack the items but cannot guarantee climate conditions in transit.

2. I contacted Customer Service yesterday but did not receive a reply.

We are experiencing a high volume of messages. Please allow 24-72 hours for a detailed reply on your order.

3. How can I keep track of my orders?

When your order dispatches, please use the Tracking information given to monitor progress. We are unable to provide exact times for any deliveries as this is subject to road, air and sea factors.

If you have not received a tracking notification for your order, it means we are still processing. Your orders may be dispatched in more than one package, and you will receive separate notifications for each dispatch relating to your order.

Customers can call Air21 Customer Services Hotline at (+632) 8854-2100. For Cebu transactions, customers can contact (+6332) 267-3467 trunkline or email rniere@af2100.com.

Customers can also send their concerns about deliveries on-route through:

  1. Air21 Facebook Messenger (https://www.facebook.com/AIR21PH) as we also have people to accommodate their concern and endorse to Trace Group.

  2. Send an email to the following addresses:

4. Which areas can you deliver to during ECQ/MECQ/GCQ?

As of June 1, 2020, all Air21 stations are open for pick-up and delivery, but still with skeletal workforce.

IMPORTANT: Delivery times stated below do not include processing and packing of your order. These times are approximate only and are subject to changed at any time based on local government or national requirements.

Serviceable Areas Delivery Time (not including processing time)

National Capital Region

Approx 3 Days

North Luzon

Approx 5 Days

South Luzon

Approx 5 Days


Approx 5 Days


Approx 5 Days

  • Pick-up and delivery to Air21 serviceable areas are subject to schedule and availability of linehaul and airfreight transfer
  • Seafreight is still an option for certain areas

Delivery to Collection Hubs

In some areas we cannot reach residents’ home directly, we can deliver to the following Air21 Hubs for customer collection:

Collection Hub Delivery Time not including processing time

National Capital Region

Call-In Cut-Off: 2:00PM
Pick-Up Cut-Off: 4:00PM


Call-In Cut-Off: 12:00NN
Pick-Up Cut-Off: 2:00PM

You will need to present ID and your order number or email receipt for collecting packages.

5. My delivery address is outside the areas specified in Question 1. When can you deliver my order?

Delivery for orders outside the areas specified in Question 1, whether essential or non-essential goods, is currently on hold until the quarantine for that area has been lifted.

6. Is it safe to shop and order online at rustans.com?

Yes, we have undertaken stringent measures to ensure that our usual hygiene standards are now even more comprehensive.

Our transport partner, Air21, has also implemented extra safety measures. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Advisories and education and awareness campaigns to all Air21 employees on workplace safety vs. infectious diseases;
  • Deployment of safety gear, such as face masks, gloves, and personal hygiene kits to couriers, drivers, and warehouse personnel;
  • Body temperature scanners issued and given to our warehouse security teams;
  • Minimal contact is made with packages in sanitized storage facilities;
  • All international items are subject to quarantine as mandated by the Bureau of Customs;
  • Additional precautions when necessary.

We are confident that we will continue to provide a safe, secure, and pleasant shopping experience all the way to your home.  

7. I am concerned about touching money and social distancing, how will you address this with payments and deliveries?

In addition to careful handling of packages as stated above, we offer contactless payment so that you do not have to handle or exchange cash or coins with drivers.

Our contactless options online include PayMaya, PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard, and HSBC instalments. We will announce additional option in coming weeks and months.

We do not accept cash at this time.

8. I need to exchange/return my rustans.com order. How do I do it?

Our usual Returns & Exchanges information can be found here. However, we understand this may not be easy to return or exchange during Community Quarantine.

Our Customer Service Team is available to assist you via email (hello@rustans.com). Please include your order number, date of order, and full name so we can assist you better. You will be contacted within 24 to 72 hours as a general guide, especially due to high volumes and demand.

9. Can I return/exchange at Business Hubs or stores?

This is now possible using the above mentioned Returns/Exchange process.

Regarding our partner service provided by Air21, please contact Air21 to see which Business Hubs are open during ECQ/GCQ in your area.

10. Do you have more products or brands coming?

Our rustans.com team will continue to work on curating products and brands for all customers. Unless they are essentials, orders for these products will be delivered after ECQ is lifted or transport conditions change in compliance with government requirements.

For store opening times, please keep an eye on announcements on our @rustansph social channels.